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7 November 2011
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Written by
Dan Berlinka/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Alone at Home is the twentieth episode in Series 3 and the 124th episode overall.


When Horrid Henry gets left behind by mistake, he thinks it's the best thing that's ever happened to him. He can do all the horrid stuff he wants with no one telling him off.


One day, Mum wakes Henry up for a trip for Stone Park. Peter says that in the park, there are stones as old as 20 years old. Then Henry forgets his Gross Class Zero comics. Dad and Mum go in the car and leave the house, leaving Henry left behind. After screaming 'NOOOOO!!' opening the title card, Henry thinks it's a good thing because he doesn't have to go to Stone Park and gets to be home alone. The family go in a traffic jam, and then Dad and Mum realise that they left him behind. Mum thinks her and Dad are very bad parents. Then they go in another traffic jam. Then, later, Henry introduces the house as the 'House of Henry', to Ralph. So then, Ralph comes in. They plan extreme bowling, then they hear a strange gurgling sound, whey they think is a monster. They plan an ice cream fountain, and then they hear the strange sound again.

Meanwhile, Dad argues to Bert's Dad, and then at the house, Fang starts to launch the booby trap, and then Prissy Polly and Vomiting Vera comes, and Vomiting Vera vomits on them. Dad and Mum finally comes, and then Fang launches the booby trap on them. They shout: 'HENRY!!!!!', ending the episode.




There are currently 3 errors in the episode Horrid Henry Alone at Home. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • At the very start, the camera zooms in on Margaret's house rather than Henry's.
  • Peter should have known that Henry was not in the car as he was sitting in the backseat opposite of where Henry should've been sitting.
  • When Dad is arguing with Beefy Bert's dad and Mum tells him they really have to go, Peter's hair is different.


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Horrid Henry - Alone At Home