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9 June 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Allan Plenderleith

Horrid Henry Computer Whizz is the forty-first episode in Series 1 and the 41st episode overall.


Horrid Henry alters his test results on Miss Oddbod's computer and gets entered into a brain-box of the year competition, which requires a lot of extra studying.


The episode begins with Henry playing a computer game during his test, but Miss Battle-Axe takes his game disc away because he's supposed to demonstrate his skills, but not like this. She told him the computer will automatically send the results and he has to be good. She begins the test. While everyone is doing the test, he activates a toy spider which made everyone scream. Miss Battle-Axe steps on his toy spider. Henry said it's his, but Miss Battle-Axe looks angry. She sends Henry out of the computer lab and into Miss Oddbod's office for triple detention. This cause made him scream, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

In Miss Oddbod's office, Miss Oddbod is on the computer typing to give students the test results. When she leaves, Henry looks at the computer screen. He sees he got 0%, and he knows that's not fair. He changes his grade to 100%, so he gets his computer game given back after it got confiscated by Miss Battle-Axe. Henry gets entered into a brain-box of the year competition, which requires a lot of extra studying. Mum told Peter to let Henry go on the computer, so he agrees.

At school, Henry wants to play football with Ralph when Peter told him his friends want his autograph, so he does. Then, Brian, Andrew and William gave him some gift glasses, a bowtie and a big book of everything. Margaret and her friend saw Henry and calling him a geek. Henry gets uncomfortable with being the top of his class, so he asked Ralph to help him after he told him what he did.

In the library, Ralph saw Miss Lovely, so Henry goes inside. While she gets the book for him, Henry hacks into the test result and types the password changing his marks and was finished.

In the classroom, Miss Oddbod told everyone that Henry's got 5%. He was happy, but then, Miss Battle-Axe told him that he's got a lot of extra homework to do. With that, Henry screams, 'Noooo!!!', ending the episode.



  • This is the first episode where Henry transforms other than an animal.


There are currently 5 errors in the episode Horrid Henry Computer Whizz. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Margaret smacks the computer after the beep, Soraya's pants are yellow.
  • Notice the background
    When Henry was about to grab his pocket, in the background, William has Andrew's body.
  • When Miss Oddbod puts the toy spider on her computer, it was there, but when Miss Oddbod tells Henry to come with her, the toy spider disappeared.
  • When Miss Oddbod announces the highest mark 100%, William has Ralph's colours.
  • When Mum says, 'Henry, we're very proud of you.', there is a line on Henry's mouth coming from a box.


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Horrid Henry Computer Whizz