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15 December 2006 (Friday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Katherine Sandford

Horrid Henry Eats Out is the fifteenth episode in Series 1 and the 15th episode overall. The episode received universal acclaim, being praised for its story, humour, script, animation style, pacing, twists, and ending; it's now widely considered to be one of the best episodes of the show.


Henry is reluctant to dine out at a posh restaurant with Rich Aunt Ruby and Stuck-Up Steve, but with a little encouragement from Dad and a delicious plate of snails to look forward to, Henry decides to make the best of it.


The episode begins with Miss Battle-Axe taking Henry to his house to tell Mum that he disrupted the class. Mum asked him what he has to say for himself and he said it wasn't him and she angrily tells him to get inside. Henry was going to his room, but Mum and Peter told him that they'll all go out to dinner at a fancy grown-up restaurant, but Henry refused to go there and Mum said he has to go take a bath and change his clothes now. This made him scream: 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry was seen holding on the radiator and Dad pulling his legs. Mum suggested they get a babysitter, but Dad says they're going out as a family. When Henry lets go of the radiator, he and Dad land on the chairs. Dad chases Henry to the bathroom where he takes the car keys and flushes them down the toilet.

Luckily Mum got spare keys in her secret box as Dad carries Henry down the stairs.

Peter, Mum and Dad were excited though they don't like their least favourites. Henry only likes Whopper Whoopee burgers but still refused to go. So Dad makes him a deal: if he comes along and behaves, he'll give him £2. Henry has a thought and asked him for £3, though Dad tells him not to push it, and he shakes on it. Peter asked what his reward is, and Mum said goodness is its own reward confusing him.

As they were driving to Le Posh, Mum says it's nice of Rich Aunt Ruby to invite them, though Henry doesn't think it'll be as good as Whopper Whoppee because they have real food. Mum also says that Stuck-Up Steve will there too, making Henry unhappy (Steve buying all the comic in the shop with his butler carrying them and Henry is given a baby comic), though Peter says Steve is his favourite cousin.

As the family arrives, they saw a limousine and Rich Aunt Ruby comes out and greets them. Henry saw Steve too and scowls. They all went inside and Henry gives the man a piece of gum, they all look around the place. At the table, Henry told Steve that he's getting £2 for eating everything on his plate, and Peter interrupts him by saying he's getting nothing because goodness is its own reward. Simultaneously, the boys shout, 'BE QUIET, WORM!'.

Later Henry saw his teacher, Miss Battle-Axe and her mother, Mrs Battle-Axe inside, and he was amazed. He didn't think teachers had mothers! Everyone had their menus. Ruby talks in French making it difficult for Mum and Dad to understand. Henry wondered if they know English and Steve says, 'It's a French restaurant, stupid!'. Then Mum, Dad and Peter suggested Ruby should order for themselves, but Henry decided to order for himself, and he asked if they have the hamburger and chips. The waiter tells Henry it would be on the lunch menu if they opened for lunch. Steve dares Henry to order escargots (snails) and tripe (sheep's intestines) if he's a chicken and Henry accepts and makes his order.

The waiter reveals Henry's order and Steve wants him to eat it, so Henry puts a snail on a fork, but his tongue is out. Then he remembers Dad saying '£2' to him and slurps them into his mouth and eats it saying 'tastes like chewing gum'. Steve couldn't believe it and Henry eats another, making Steve feel disgusted.

Miss Battle-Axe's mother was telling her to eat properly when Henry comes over to them saying to them to have a scrumptious meal and walk away. Mrs Battle-Axe told her daughter that Henry has nice manners and believes he didn't learn those in her class. Henry comes off the toilet and looks in the kitchen where two chefs are cooking. The waiter finds him and he told him that his cousin forgets to ask for some 'Le Sauce Posh' on his food and the waiter will inform the chef. Henry says Steve loves spicy food and to make sure they add at least five drops to his food. Henry says, 'YES!'.

Mrs Battle-Axe told her daughter to close her mouth when Henry shows up again then she says to him hoping her daughter is teaching him properly and Miss Battle-Axe angrily says 'Mother!'. Henry says she does and leaves. Mrs Battle-Axe was pleased in Henry, but Miss Battle-Axe told her that he's the most horrid boy in her class, and she asked who's fault is that.

The Waiter arrived with her dinner, but unfortunately Peter, Mum, and Dad have their usual order (squid, tomatoes and beetroot). Henry was proud of Ruby for ordering their least favourites. Henry's order is tripe, though Steve says he wouldn't even eat that for £2. Henry tries it and loves it and tells everyone to eat up. And that's what they did, then Henry asked Steve how his extra hot sauce is. Steve's face turns red and runs screaming bumping into the waiter. Water lands on Miss Battle-Axe, making her scream and jump up, but her mother tells her to sit down. Steve kept running around making a mess, then the manager takes him to the fountain and goes to tell Ruby to leave, so Henry's family decided to leave as well. Dad gives Henry £2 for eating everything on his plate as part of the deal.

Mrs Battle-Axe was proud of Henry, unlike his teacher. Miss Battle-Axe had enough and was crying after her mother was saying so much bad stuff about her in front of Henry. Henry thought she deserved it as she got him into trouble with his mum. Outside, Henry says: 'Whopper Whoopee, here we come!' and laughs, ending the episode.




  • This animation style is different in this episode. It's similar to Horrid Henry Goes Swimming.
  • This episode marks the only time when Miss Battle-Axe cries.
  • It's revealed that Peter doesn't like beetroot, Mum doesn't like squid and Dad doesn't like tomatoes.
  • The word 'Gullet', which Mother Battle-Axe says, means throat.


There are currently 4 errors in the episode Horrid Henry Eats Out. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Steve handed Henry the comic, the front page was a picture of a bat which was of Gross Class Zero, but the next shot shows a picture of a toy. This shows that Steve gave Henry a Gross Class Zero comic.
  • When Rich Aunt Ruby kisses Mum on the cheeks, Peter's trousers are grey.
  • When the family first arrives at the restaurant, Steve isn't wearing his dark green jacket. After their food is delivered, he wears it for the rest of the episode.
  • According to Steve, tripe is sheep intestines, when in actuality, tripe is from a cow's stomach.


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