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Horrid Henry Flicks the Bogey

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26 October 2014
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Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Flicks the Bogey is the sixth episode in Series 4 and the 162nd episode overall.


Henry discovers that wormy worm little brothers can be very useful!


On the way to school, Horrid Henry is playing on his yoyo called a Flick. He places a bogey calling it 'Flick the Bogey', but Mr Soggington catches Henry with a yoyo and tells him that Miss Oddbod banned yoyos at school after an incident with a yoyo with a bogey that landed on Tiddles' head. Sid then grabs the yoyo and Henry goes to class. Sid sees that the bogey is still on the yoyo and screams, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Sid chases Henry until he reaches the classroom, then takes the yoyo to the head's office, and Miss Oddbod sees the yoyo. Sid tries to hide it, but it still is seen by Miss Oddbod who tells Sid to get rid of it. Henry manages to get a backup yoyo, but Miss Battle-Axe notices the yoyo and blows on a whistle which causes Sid to come and take the yoyo.

Sid states that Henry cannot get to the confiscation cupboard due to the lock being changed and the key hidden. Sid does an evil laugh. Henry tells his friends about it, and he sees a chain around the cupboard. At home, Perfect Peter shows Henry two liquids, one pink, one purple.

Peter says the pink liquid is Odour Loveliness and the purple liquid is Odour Pure Loveliness. Henry smells it but says it smells like farts. Peter angrily leaves, then comes back with a green liquid, which makes Henry cough. Henry then goes into Peter's lab and sees him making Odour Fartliness.

Henry tells Peter he needs three batches. The next morning, Fluffy is seen delivering the 3 Odour Potions. Henry brings his Gross Class Zero plushes to Peter to test it out. They put some of the odour on Henry's yoyo, and he then brings the odourfied yoyo to school and gets it confiscated.

Henry sees the yoyo in the cupboard, and soon, the smell comes in the cupboard. Sid and Miss Oddbod cough in the office. Henry wears the mask and uses the Odour Fartliness to increase the smell making the two teachers flee. Henry grabs the yoyo and everything else in the cupboard. Henry soon uses the green odour potion again to make sure Miss Oddbod and Sid don't re-enter.

Henry gets his yoyos back and does some tricks in front of his friends. The boys passed Mr Soggington and he marches off. Later in the office, the confiscation cupboard now has a burglar alarm. It beeps, ending the episode.



  • This is the first of several episodes where Soggy Sid screams: 'Noooo!!!' to open the episode.


The transcript can be found here.

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