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9 November 2009 (Monday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Gets Spots is the forty-third episode in Series 2 and the 95th episode overall.


While Mr Soggington bans Horrid Henry from going to the fancy dress parade after Henry paints his face, Henry runs out.


Horrid Henry is hiding under the covers in bed and his alarm goes off. Mum arrives in his bedroom, telling him to get out of bed. Perfect Peter comes along and says that he is out of bed, so she says, 'Oh, well done, Peter.'. She then opens his curtains and Peter announces that he brushed his teeth and combed his hair, and Mum calls him a good boy. She goes over to Henry and pulls the covers off his bed, raging. He lets off a big yawn and says, 'Good morning, Mum.'. She screams, noticing that he now has spots. She then screams 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

It was dressing up day and the costume parade, but when Henry got to school, Mr Soggington was shocked and said he had 'Yeti Yeti Bigfoot disease', and he had to stay away from the others. In the afternoon, when it was the parade, being his horrid self, escaped through the window and locked Miss Battle-Axe and Mr Soggington inside. Mr Soggington puts Henry in the science room and locks the door. Henry was bored, but he realizes he was missing lessons. Mr Soggington brings Henry a tray with bread and water though Henry says he hasn't got Yeti Yeti Bigfoot disease, but Sid didn't care and goes out again locking the door.

Henry plays hide and seek with a goldfish, but then he gets an idea of how he's going to out of the room. Later, Mr Soggington showed Miss Battle-Axe the spots on Henry, and she told him that the inspector is coming. As Miss Battle-Axe distracts the inspector, Mr Soggington unlocks the door, and they come back. The inspector goes inside the lab and comes out again. The two teachers went inside but couldn't see Henry anywhere. Henry appears hanging from the ceiling fan. While Mr Soggington and Miss Battle-Axe look through the window, Henry comes down and runs out of the door locking it with a key, and they were trapped. The teachers watched Henry joining the others after waving at them.

Mr Soggington and Miss Battle-Axe saw the goldfish with spots as well, and the two teachers scream, 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!', ending the episode.



  • This is the first episode where Mum screams, 'Noooo!!!'.
  • During the episode, Horrid Henry's classmates dress up for 'fame for a day' parade. This could be a parody of Children In Need and Red Nose Day.


Many of the children are wearing the same costumes as Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats and Horrid Henry's Heist, although many of them just stick to their regular clothes and Peter is wearing his Happy Hippo costume also seen in Horrid Henry and the Gross DVD.

  • Henry - Regular Clothes (He says to Josh that he came as Zak Snitface from Gross Class Zero)
  • Ralph - Regular Clothes (Although he says he has come as Fred Fartwell from Gross Class Zero)
  • Peter - A Happy Hippo
  • Ted - A Bunny
  • Sam - A Bunny
  • Gordon - A Bunny
  • Margaret - Regular Clothes (She says she came as 'Herself' because she'll be a supreme megastar)
  • Gurinder - Princess Maribell
  • Susan - Christmas Tree (Margaret jokes around by calling her a 'Sour Faced Lemon').
  • Linda - Regular Clothes (Said that she 'couldn't be bothered')
  • Josh - Regular Clothes (Although Henry guesses he is Simon Snotfull from Gross Class Zero)
  • Brian - Regular Clothes
  • William - Police Officer
  • Andrew - Pirate
  • Soraya - Witch
  • Al - Karate Gear
  • Graham - Chef
  • Bert - Robot


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