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30 November 2014
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Gives It All Away is the sixteenth episode in Series 4 and the 172nd episode overall.


Henry needs toys, but what is he going to do? He can't 'not' have toys for a very long time.


The episode starts with the scene showing the upstairs floor, but the upstairs floor and Henry's room is a mess. Peter wakes up and he gets out of his room, but he accidentally farts and says sorry to the audience. He carefully walks to the bathroom, but Henry tells him to get out of his way, carrying some clothing. Peter steps on gross goo and tells Mum Henry called him a snotbag. Mum replied to Henry 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'. Henry tells the audience he doesn't think he's the Lord High Majesty of the Purple Hand Gang, but he trips over the steps and falls to the ground, making him scream 'NOOOOO!!!', opening the title of the episode.

Henry comes out from the living room and tells the audience that hitting the floor did not too much since they asked and that Mum told him to tidy up every last bit of everything, or else. The flashback appears with Mum telling him to tidy up every last bit of everything. Henry says, 'Or else what?', but Mum tells him it's just 'or else'. Henry tries to go to his room, but his toy spider is already activated, and Henry falls. But that wasn't meant to happen. He takes one of his toys and shows Fang it and he asks him if he remembers this, and he replied with 'Yeah, yeah, yeah!'. He used to play with that all the time. Henry was playing with that with Fang holding a sword, but he got caught and falls, pretending he's dead. He soon wakes up with Fang on him, but Mum came to his room saying to him that he nearly finished tidying up. He doesn't need anything for Christmas. He's got so many toys he's not going to need them for a very long time. Mum threw a spider on Henry, but he caught it and says 'Ouch!'.

In his room, Henry is in bed and asks Fang what are they going to do. He needs toys, and he is toys. They later hears a honk outside. They head to Mum and Dad's room and see a car and a clown called the Toy Heaven delivering catalogs . It's not cool, because he's never going to get to the Toy Heaven. He wishes to make his toys invisible. Then he comes up with a plan to give them all away. If he gives them all away, he won't have any more toys, and Mum and Dad will have to buy him new ones! He finds Mr Kill and hides him under his pillow. He then writes something on his sheets of paper. He takes his paper and then puts them on random locations, and the last one on the tree. The Toy Heaven arrives and then stops at where Henry is, and then gives him a book. He thinks it's cool, and then the Toy Heaven stops at a piece of paper, takes it, and then he reads it.

In the house, Henry hears a doorbell and then opens the door. The Toy Heaven picks up some flowers, a bunny, and a sheet of paper Henry made. But, he doesn't want them and asks him if he wants to take everything. He does want to take everything. He shuts the door and heads to his room. He needs to think about what he should use to take his toys to the Toy Heaven. He then finds a pink bag and carries it to the ground. Fang follows him as he does that. He gives him the bag and it is replaced with some books. The Toy Heaven arrives at Margaret's house. He rings the bell, and Margaret's dad opens the door.

In the living room, Henry puts his books one by one in a random location. The last two are for him and Fang. Mum comes in and she notices the living room is tidy. She also asks Henry if his toys are stuffed in his cupboard, and he replies to her he's given them all away. Peter comes to the living room and asks Henry if he wants to borrow his creepy castle kit. He has a scary night in Gordon's birthday, and Henry interrupts Peter by saying 'Nope'. Henry can't borrow it and tells Mum. Peter can't borrow it because he hasn't got it. Peter doesn't know but Mum said to him he's given it all away. She grabs a book and Peter tells her it's true, including the creepy castle kit. The Toy Heaven will have one. He asks Mum if he wants to get it and she allows him to. He just needs to get his coat.

In the car, Mum and Peter buckle their seatbelts and she drives Peter to the Toy Heaven. The traffic light changes from green to red. They stop and Mum asks Peter if he wants anything else. Henry appears, and Mum and Peter got shocked. The traffic light changes to green again, and Mum said to Henry with 'Don't be horrid, Henry', but he's just saying.

In his room with Fang, Henry tells the audience that Mum was talking to Peter and not him. The trip to Toy Heaven wasn't heavenly at all. Fang was dancing and was imitating burps and farts. He misses his gross dolls, too. A sticky spider appears on the window, and it was Henry's sticky spiders. More and more appear on the window, and Henry and Fang want to find out what's going on. Peter told Henry that just came in through his window. It was Henry's, and Peter knows, but he didn't know where that came from. Henry leads Peter and Fang to the kitchen where Mum is. She asks Henry why her bedspread is hang up from next door's washing line but he says 'No'. He exits out the kitchen to Margaret's treehouse. There were Gross Class Zero dolls on the treehouse. He knocks on the door but she told him to go away and he refuses. She's got Henry's stuff, and he wants them all back. It's not possible because it's her stuff now. His dad paid a lot of money for it. It was all a mistake. But he's not getting them back unless he agrees to play a game of her choice every day for a whole month. Then they both make a deal and Henry asked the audience 'What did he do to deserve this?.

When Peter and Fang came to Margaret's treehouse, he and Peter look at the window and they both see Margaret and Henry in her treehouse. Margaret decides to play 'Tutu Time' both wearing Pink Tutu's. Henry yells, 'NOOOOO!!!' while he's closing the curtain after seeing Peter and Fang laughing, ending the episode.



  • When Margaret was holding an action figure of the Evil Emperor whilst Henry asked for his toys back, it was wearing a Pink Tutu.


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  • When Henry agrees to play a game of Margaret's choice for a month, the toys had disappeared.


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