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21 June 2007 (Thursday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Paul Alexander

Horrid Henry Goes Swimming is the twelfth episode in Series 1 and the 12th episode overall. The episode received critical acclaim, with praise aimed at the episode's story, humour, animation style, script, competitive nature, and ending.


Henry tries to come up with a good excuse to get out of his hated swimming lessons, where he can’t have any fun by splashing thanks to Soggy Sid, his P.E teacher. But will his plans sink without a trace?


Henry was in the swimming pool at night when suddenly, a shark came by and got close to Henry. He got frightened and swam faster at the top end of the pool. Henry ran to the swimming locker room so he could be safe. But the shark came to the door with his skateboard and started chasing Henry again. When Henry kept running, the shark said, 'Henry!' three times. Henry woke up, and his Mum was calling him. Peter said, 'The early bird catches the worm.'. Henry doesn't understand what Peter was saying. Peter tells Henry what punctuality means. Mum tells Henry that he got swimming lessons today, then Henry shouted, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry came into the kitchen and asked Mum about swimming, he said he was not being like a fish. Mum tells Henry swimming is for fun, Peter tells Henry it's a joke. That's why he gets the school of dolphins. Henry explains why he dislikes swimming. The water is so wet it stings your eyes and the pool is so cold penguins could fly, but Peter tells Henry that penguins couldn't fly. Henry said, 'Silence, worm!'. Peter tells Henry that everyone would think he couldn't swim. Henry poured the cereal and saw a piece of cereal fall on the table. Then he had an idea so he stuck the piece of cereal on his foot and tells Mum, Dad and Peter that he got a verruca on his foot. But the piece of cereal on his foot fell and Henry ate it.

Henry and his class were on the bus. Henry's on his seat and says, 'When I'm king, no has to do swimming ever.'. Ralph was trying to scare Henry, but he already knows. Ralph wants to make a deal if he scares him he will give Ralph all of his pocket money. Henry tells his plan to Ralph that he forgets his swimming clothes. Ralph said, 'No way!' (Henry did the last time and before that). Henry has a plan B with Ralph, he tells everyone there's a mountain lion on the left window. Everyone starts running towards the left window to see, Henry grabs all of the students swimming clothes on the right, Ralph tells everyone that it's on the right window, Everyone runs to the right window and Henry grabs all of the students swimming clothes on the left. Henry opens the window at the end and throws all of the students swimming clothes on the road. Henry was walking home and had the best day ever because Mr Soggington had to cancel it because nobody had their swimming clothes. Ralph jumped out of the bush dress as a werewolf, Henry didn't get scared and says he's pathetic. Ralph tells Henry that the school rang his Mum that there will be an extra swimming lesson tomorrow.

Henry was having a nightmare at the swimming pool again. The shark was underwater chasing him again. He was running out of the pool but the shark suddenly dug through the floor and Henry hit with his fin, Henry flies up and lands back into the pool. The score sharks were there. The first shark says 5.3 and the second shark said 5.5 then the third shark said, 'Ten past eight. Henry, time for school!'. Henry woke up and saw Mum again holding his swimming clothes. Henry and his class were at the swimming pool locker, ready to get changed. Henry talks to Andrew and says that the shark had escaped from the aquarium. He told them that it was a super-intelligent mutant shark and its heading to the swimming pool. Andrew got nervous and talked to Brainy Brian that a shark is heading to the pool. He tells them that the sharks are saltwater creatures, and they don't like chlorine. When Henry opened his locker, Ralph jumps out dress as a vampire, but it didn't scare Henry.

Everyone was at the pool in their swimming clothes (except for Henry), ready to learn with Mr Soggington. Mr Soggington tells everyone to go to the pool and swim 5 meters. Henry tells him that he forgets his swimming clothes, but Mr Soggington had some extra swimming clothes in his bag. Henry looked at his swimming clothes in Sid's bag, but he doesn't want to wear any of it. He gives Henry green swimming pants and tells him to hurry up. Henry went to the pool water and uses his foot to touch the water. He shook himself. Margaret tells everyone in the water that Henry is scared of the water. Henry tells everyone he's not scared of the water, so he tells everyone to watch him on the diving board, but when he was on the diving board, he lost his balance and falls into the water. Mr Soggington yells Henry to swim like everyone else, so Henry was trying to swim faster (by using his legs underwater instead of using it up ways), but Mr Soggington yells again swimming instead of walking. Everyone laughs again. Mr Soggington told Henry he can't get out of the pool until he gets his 5-meter badge.

Henry saw William and asked about his problem. William says he's just happy that he is learning to swim. Andrew was wearing his inflatable ring (looking out for the shark) and almost hit Henry. Henry tells him to watch where he going. Andrew apologizes and tells him he is looking out for the shark. Henry's got an idea and tells Andrew a lie about the shark escape from the sewer system and ends up to the pipe hiding in the deep end. Henry told him to not tell anyone. Andrew asked if he can tell William. Henry said William can keep a secret for 5 seconds. Then when Andrew whispers to William he got nervous and whisper to the other person, the students keep whispering to the next person to the next in line. Mr Soggington asked why is anyone not swimming. William and Andrew explain why because they might get eaten by sharks. Mr Soggington got very mad with everyone thinking there is an actual shark in the pool. Then Mr Soggington yells everyone to get in the pool seriously. Al asked if anyone sees his other flipper.

Mr Soggington told everyone to start swimming now. Henry warns Margaret to look out for the shark, but Margaret said no one believes there is a shark in the water. Henry asked Margaret as he pointed about the thing in the water. Margaret saw that it was a shark, and every else started swimming out the pool while Henry was pulling a rope attached to the flipper underwater. The class warns Henry there a shark in the pool. Henry didn't see anything until an actual shark came by. Henry starts swimming (with his legs up) to the edge to get out of the pool while he starts screaming. They heard Ralph's laugh and Ralph jumped out of the pool dressed up as a shark with a fin attached to his back. Ralph asked for Henry's pocket money now or on the bus. Mr Soggington tells Ralph he made Henry swim, but he gets double detention for dressing like a shark. Mr Soggington congratulates to earn Henry's badge for swimming in a faster time in the country. Henry shouts: 'Olympics, here I come!', ending the episode.



Critical reception

  • The episode was critically acclaimed, with much of the praise going towards the animation style and story, alongside the script and ending with the competitive themes also praised.
  • Despite this, the episode has received a mild amount of criticism for its sheer number of errors, containing 13 that have been spotted, and quite possibly even more.


  • This episode is the second time that Henry won a reward. He first won an award in Horrid Henry's Sports Day.
  • The animation style is different in this episode.
  • This is the only episode when Mr Soggington teaches swimming.
  • Andrew was smiling when Henry was going on the diving board.
  • The werewolf costume Ralph tries to scare Henry with looks like the 'Dark Avenger' head from Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats.
  • When Andrew and William explain about the Shark in the pool, Ralph has a grim face, having an idea plan to scare Henry.
  • This episode is the first time Margaret got scared.


There are currently 13 errors in the episode Horrid Henry Goes Swimming. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Henry's class looks out the windows on the right of the bus for the 'mountain lion' Henry tricks them into thinking is there, the scenery through the windows behind is moving in the wrong direction, giving the appearance of the bus driving backwards.
  • When Henry goes on the diving board, Ralph's hairstyle is different.
  • When Brian says, 'Good point.' on the bus, his mouth doesn't move.
  • When Henry told Andrew about the shark escaping from the aquarium, in the background when Brainy Brian opens his locker, there is another one inside.
    An error on andrew.png
  • When everyone sees the 'shark' and swims back, there are two Susans in the background. It is supposed to be Lazy Linda.
    • Ralph was seen swimming back when he is supposed to be hiding underwater waiting to scare Henry.
  • When they warn Henry about the shark in the pool, William's hair is light brown.
  • When Henry stands up after Ralph pranks him in the pool, in the background, Andrew doesn't have eyes.
  • Brainy Brian was wearing his swimming hat when everyone line up, but when he gets in the pool his swimming hat has disappeared.
  • When Henry said: 'Keep it to yourself, Andrew.', all the lockers don't have handles.
  • Henry said he hates swimming even though in Horrid Henry's Christmas, he wanted a swimming pool.
  • When Margaret says that she still can't see the mountain lion, Singing Soraya's scrunchies are pink instead of orange.
  • When Henry's having breakfast, the photo on Dad's newspaper changes between three different scenes.


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Horrid Henry Goes Swimming