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Horrid Henry Goes on Strike

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1 March 2015
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Goes on Strike is the twenty-sixth episode in Series 4 and the 182nd episode overall.


When Henry goes on strike, no one is prepared for what happens.


The pupils at Ashton Primary School don't realize how much they miss Henry until he goes on strike after Miss Battle-Axe gave him detention for not rising his hand in class even if he does not know the answer and was forced to write down this lines at break time. Later, Fluffy winks at night and changes it to day with the tablet. Henry was still asleep in bed meanwhile at school, Margaret told Ralph that he's on strike and not coming. Even Miss Battle-Axe and his classmates were surprised after Margaret told them the news as they were all feeling depressed about it but she says she doesn't miss Henry one bit judging the sad look on her face. Later, Mum checks on Henry who is awake and told him that it's gone 10 o'clock and Dad said he could lay in bed to make him feel better which makes it cool but then she tells Henry to have breakfast and they'll drop him off to school at break time and he thinks it's not so cool.

Every children were in the school grounds feeling unhappy until Henry was dropped off by Dad as he walks to the playground seeing everyone. Ralph gave Henry a fart noise can as they along with Al and Bert walk together passing everyone as whispers 'Henry's back!' in happy voices. Henry helps himself to two cupcakes Peter baked with Mum but he doesn't get upset about it while being glad that Henry's back in school again. Henry leads all his friends to Miss Battle-Axe's classroom and opens the door where he gets a welcome back from Grunider and Susan. As for Margaret, Henry asked she missed him and while she complains about missing him, Henry tells the audience that it's good or horrid to be back in school again and winks to them, ending the episode.



  • Henry goes on strike because he is annoyed at Miss Battle-Axe giving him detention for not raising his hand.
  • As Nick hadn't been seen in Ashton Primary School since the first series, it is a complete mystery how he returned.
  • This is one of the episodes to have Henry winking to the audience at the end.


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  • While the others are whispering, 'Henry's back.', Nick's trousers turn yellow.


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