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5 November 2006 (Sunday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Carol Noble

Horrid Henry Goes to Work is the thirteenth episode in Series 1 and the 13th episode overall.


It's Take Your Kid to Work Day and Henry is looking forward to a fun day of computer games. But, his dad (and his dad's boss) have other ideas!


The episode begins with Mum and Dad arguing about who's going to work with who. Henry says out loud that nobody wants to choose Peter and he tells on Henry. As his punishment, he has to take the tea set into the kitchen. In the kitchen, he fantasizes about Mum and Dad having fun jobs because their jobs were boring. He then drops the tea set, which gets smashed. Dad told him to clean the broken tea set and that he would be going to work with him. Meanwhile, Peter will go to work with Mum. Henry's annoyed that they sell toothbrushes and toothpaste and he screams that he doesn't want to go to work, opening the title card.

When arriving in a lift, Henry accidentally pressed an emergency button. While firefighters cut a big hole to Henry's Dad's office. Henry kicked the cut out hole down, which hurt Bob. Henry's dad told him for the first time! As soon as Bob met Henry, he seemed to like him and his attitude. Also as Henry met Bill, the first thing Bill said is that Henry has to do what he says. Henry could tell that Bill would be trouble and he is known as Bossy Bill. While making the tea, Bossy Bill tricked him for putting mustard and ketchup in the tea. Henry remembers to do everything they say. He put them in the tea.

When Henry and Bill arrive with the tea, the staff drank it, but it doesn't taste good! Henry's got the blame when Bossy Bill told the staff. While putting toothpaste in boxes, Bill squeezed a toothpaste tube at Henry. Henry then squeezed eight full toothpaste tubes at Bill, which he got piled under it. Henry got the blame again. Bob then has a serious meeting with Henry and Dad, and Henry's dad was very ashamed of Henry. Bob then decides to give Henry one last chance and give some documents to photocopy them.

Henry then had an idea of tricking Bill. He got a 'Eureka' moment to tell Bill saying, 'Why don't we copy something horrid, and then hang the pictures all over the office?'. Bill then listened to Henry and photocopied his bottom. Henry then put the CCTV camera towards Bill and the photocopier. The staff laughed at Bill, and Bob was shocked when he saw Bill photocopying his bottom! Henry blames him because he wants to do it. Bob punishes Bill for humiliating him in front of his company. He sends him home, saying he'll deal with him later most likely punishing him for a very long time for this embarrassment. Bob later decides that Henry can amuse himself by playing video games on a computer since he wanted to make it up to him for being harsh towards him. Henry then spins his chair as he was happy and having fun and mistakenly hitting Dad then laughs, ending the episode.




  • This marks the second episode when Henry shouts something beside Noooo!!! before the title card being: 'I DON'T WANT TO GO TO WOOOOOORK!'
  • This is the first time that Henry was blamed for something that he didn't do.


There are currently 6 errors in the episode Horrid Henry Goes to Work. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

Notices an error on the camera.png
  • When Henry said: 'Of course, you know best, Bill sir.', the CCTV camera is facing towards them.
  • When Henry sprayed Bill with toothpaste after he turns into an octopus, the door is closed. When Dad comes in and tells Henry off, it is already opened.
  • When Henry said: 'All right!', his mouth movements did not match.
  • When Henry said: 'No way', his mouth movements didn't match.
  • When Bill says "Like what?" when he and Henry are in the photocopier room, the camera is facing in the complete other direction.
  • When Henry says 'Huh' after Bill says his dad's a boss and there is nothing Henry can do about it, Henry's mouth doesn't move.

Differences from the book

  • In the book, Bill tells Henry to put salt in the tea instead of sugar. In the episode, he tells him to put ketchup and mustard in the tea.
  • The scene where Henry and Bill answer the phones is replaced by toothpaste-packing in the episode.
  • In the episode, Dad's boss is called Bob. In the book, his first name is not given and he is instead referred to as 'Big Boss'.
  • In the book (or at least the audiobook), Bob and Bill speak with American accents, but in the episode, they speaks with Scouse accents. It's possible that in the book's universe, they are from the United States but living in the United Kingdom due to Bob's job, whereas in the episode, they're from Liverpool but living in Ashton.


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