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5 April 2015
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Good Morning Henry! is the thirty-sixth episode in Series 4 and the 192nd episode overall.


Horrid Henry presents his guide to having a good morning!


This episode starts with Mum playing classical music on the radio. She opens the fridge and grabs the milk and butter, closing the fridge and placing them. She grabs the plates while the toast pops up and she places the plates. Dad comes in with his messed up tie while Mum fixes it. Peter comes in as well and sits on his chair while Mum pats his head. She pours the milk and calls Henry to come down. She accidentally trips, steps and spins on Henry's skateboard spilling the milk, screaming, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry tells Mum he always leaves his skateboard here at night so he knows where it is in the morning, and Mum tells him he can just 'unleave' it there from now on. Henry tells her if 'unleave it' is a word, only to be called 'horrid'. Mum tells Henry he knows exactly what she means, and Henry tells her he doesn't know. Mum tells Henry again she knows what she means, and that's the important thing. Dad comes out of the kitchen to tell the boy to get going when he steps on Henry's skateboard and zoom out the door towards the Ms Tiddler who was walking her dog and spins her around then skates back inside again to Mum who stops him.

Henry was amazed with Dad's special trick and Peter reminded him that they are going to be late. Dad tells Henry to look at the time as he checks his watch but Henry pretended he could not see the time as Peter chuckles. Dad panics and says 'I'm late for a very important meeting' and takes his briefcase with him and walks past Ms Tiddler who annoyingly says 'Horrid family' to him. Henry shuts the door but then see Mum taking his skateboard away hopefully he would be to see it again this week. Peter says Henry that Mum is really, really cross making him transform into a Horrid Velcoiraptor and chases him upstairs to his room as he hears Mum saying to him 'Don't be Horrid, Henry!' and turn back to human again then Henry says 'Welcome to My Morning'.

As Peter runs ahead, Henry tells the audience that mornings can be good or bad and shows them a flashback of him sleeping in bed with Mum yelling at him like to do his chores on weekends and forgets until she remembers explaining that he says it was a floor-drobe but she was not fooled and ends it. Henry avoids Tiddles from peeing on his shoe and says 'Morning! Don't know whether it's a good one or bad one' to Ms Tiddler and she replies 'It's a horrid one'.

Henry then walks behind Peter who says morning to everything he sees in a happy voice and says to the audience that he always has a good morning. Pimply Paul greets Peter as he drives his milk cart and Henry who tells him that he could not tell it is a good or bad morning because Mum confiscated his skateboard but Paul says it is Friday today meaning one day left of school and makes a good morning in his book then he drives off to make his last milk delivery and throws a bottle of milk to Ms Tiddlers as she catches it. Suddenly, Henry hears Moody Margaret shouting as she leaves her house and shuts the door saying to herself about getting a Boodle Poddle. She passes Henry who says 'Morning' to her and she complains 'Nothing good about it, Snotslime'. Henry told the audience that Margaret thought he said 'Good Morning' to her and calls her a bogey brain.

Ralph meets up Henry and shows him his good morning flashback with his own butler serving him breakfast in bed until his red jumper was blue like the rest of them. Henry was surprised that Ralph has his own butler and suggest his name should be Rich Ralph instead of rude but he loved his usual name and they both sing Born to be Rude song together while running on the streets until Aerobic Al joins them and they end the song with a slow dance. Al greets Henry as he jogging and says his morning was good so far because he did three laps in the park and has one more before school and runs off.

Henry says it is all relative to the audience and speaking of that, he and Ralph spot a big, long black limbo and the window rolls out revealing his cousin, Stuck-Up Steve who says 'Okay-yeah, Morning, Henry' in a friendly voice to him. Henry asked Steve what he want and he says stick spiders since there are all the range in school and that he has them all at his mansion. Henry guessed that Rich Aunt Ruby would not call them for Steve who lies about it and tells him to come over this weekend and agrees to help. Steve happily accepts and as the limbo drives off with him, Henry tells Ralph he was being generous and when a favor like that will come in handy. Ralph says to Henry that we are going to be late for school but he was feeling good about this morning even though they will get detention but Henry asked him if he minds about it and says he doesn't although it would be cool to toot-scoot instead of watching Mr Soggington pick his nose for an hour and they high five as an agreement.

The final scene shows Ashton Primary School where Henry and Ralph meet their other friends Graham and Brian while Peter waits at the bus stop as the Best Boys boarded off the bus and walked together followed by Beefy Bert who also joins Henry and the gang and Al runs to them as they all enter the entrance gateway. The six boys watched Margaret talking to her friends about telling her dad to get her a boodle poodle and assured them her plan will work. Henry shakes his head then watches Peter and his friends doing their special cheer, chanting 'Best Boys' and running along happily as they enter the school passing Miss Battle-Axe and Mr Soggington who watches them.

Henry says to his friends it is a jungle inside and asked if they are ready as they chanting 'Purple Hand' there times making him say 'Cool' and Al makes it double. Henry says 'We're going in?' with Bert saying 'I dunno' and Ralph says they are going inside. As his friends run to enter the school, Henry shouts 'GOOD MORNING, WORLD!' out loud, ending the episode.



  • This is the first episode in which Ralph wears a blue jumper.
  • This marks the third episode when Mum screams Noooo!!!.


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  • When Henry says, 'We're going in!', Ralph's jumper is red.


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