Happy Birthday Steve

Title card.

Horrid Henry's Happy Birthday Steve! is the fourth episode of Series 2.


Steve's birthday tea just happens to clash with a crucial Ashton Athletic match - how will Henry manage to be at both of these unmissable events?! It's the football cup final and Henry is excited. Unfortunately, it clashes with Stuck-Up Steve's birthday tea.


Horrid Henry and his friends are all excited to watch the big football game, but Henry is forced to go to Stuck-Up Steve's birthday party. During the party, Henry tries to find different ways to either listen or see the game.

In the end, Henry shouts "GOAL!" but he accidentally knocks the cake out of Ruby's hand and makes a big mess. Everyone yells "HENRY!" for ruining the tea and he says "Oops!".



The title card "Horrid Henry's Happy Birthday Steve" does not make sense.