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Horrid Henry Happy Birthday Steve!

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February 19, 2009 (Thursday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Laura Beaumont/ Paul Larson/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Happy Birthday Steve! is the tenth episode in Series 2 and the 62nd episode overall.


Steve's birthday tea just happens to clash with a crucial Ashton Athletic match - how will Henry manage to be at both of these unmissable events?! It's the final football cup, and Henry is very excited. Unfortunately, it clashes with Stuck-Up Steve's birthday tea.


The episode starts with Horrid Henry, Rude Ralph, Beefy Bert and Jolly Josh watching football in Henry's living room. The announcer on the TV says that Ashton Athletic are going through to the FA cup final next Saturday, and Henry and his friends are all excited to watch the big football game. Ralph said they could all watch the final in at house with crisps and lemonade, but Mum reminds Henry that they're going to Stuck-Up Steve's birthday tea party next Saturday. She tells him: 'Tea, Henry, not football.', and Henry screams 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

The next day in the school playground, Margaret asks Henry if he's looking forward to the cup final. She brags that her parents have bought her a new widescreen TV so they can watch it in high-definition, and they're having a special cake in the shape of a giant football. Peter reassures Henry that there'll be cakes at Aunt Ruby's too. Enraged, Henry transforms into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and chases Peter across the playground into a corner, but is stopped when a football hits him. Aerobic Al apologises, saying it missed the goal. Henry says he could miss the party if it wasn't happening at the same time as the final, so this gives him an idea. Back at home, Henry telephones Aunt Ruby pretending to be the prime minister, telling her that the clocks are changing next Saturday so tea time will be three hours later than usual, but this trick fails when Stuck-Up Steve recognises Henry's voice on the other end of the phone.

On Saturday morning, Henry tries to find different ways to get out of going to the party. First he pretends not to feel well, but Mum says the only thing wrong with him is football fever and tells him he's got 10 minutes to get ready or he will go in his pajamas. When Dad comes in to the kitchen, Henry pretends to be on the phone to Aunt Ruby saying that the party's cancelled, but Dad doesn't believe him and tells him he's got 20 seconds to finish his cereal. Henry then tries hiding in the cupboard under the stairs, but Peter finds him. He puts broken glass under the car's tyre and hides the map, but Dad gets out the Sat Nav. On the way, Henry sees a shop with TVs in the front window. He says 'STOP!' and gets out to watch the game there, but his parents force him back into the car. On the motorway, Henry insists he needs the toilet, so they stop at the public toilets at the side of the road. In the loo, Henry takes his time and pretends to be locked in. When he refuses to come out, Dad angrily threatens that if he doesn't come out, he'll give away all Henry's toys and he won't get any pocket money until he's 94-and-a-half, much to Dad's embarrassment when a nearby man overhears.

When they arrive at Aunt Ruby's mansion, Henry asks Aunt Ruby if they can watch the cup final. She initially agrees, but Peter suggests they watch 'Hamsters Do the Funniest Things' and Aunt Ruby prefers that idea. They go into the drawing room, but Henry looks around the mansion for a TV. He finally finds one in the attic, but Mum finds him and orders him downstairs. In the drawing room, Steve is opening his birthday presents and puts aside a personal stereo and a two-way radio. Henry whistles and takes them, then sneaked away. Upstairs in the bathroom, Henry phones Brainy Brian, who tells Henry how to work the radio so he can listen to the match. Mum comes looking for Henry and finds him. She tells him to go downstairs to the dining room where everyone is waiting.

In the dining room, everyone is having tea. Dad comments on how nice it is for them to be together with no distractions, since Henry is listening to the game. Aunt Ruby comes in with Steve's birthday cake. When the game-winning goal is scored, Henry leaps up and shouts: 'GOAL!' and in doing that, he accidentally knocks the cake out of Aunt Ruby's hands and it lands on her head and splatters everyone. They all shout: 'HENRY!' and Henry replies, 'Oops.', ending the episode.



  • The attic from Horrid Henry's Haunted House returned.
    • When Mum turns off the TV in the attic, how did she know Henry was there?
  • This is the first episode when Henry transforms at school.
  • The scene where Henry pretends to be locked in the toilet is similar to a scene in the story, Horrid Henry's Car Journey.
  • When Susan agreed with Margaret and said cool too when Susan says, 'cool', her mouth resembles a volcano.
  • The title was most likely supposed to be 'Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Steve!'.


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  • Ruby Clean.jpg
    The title card 'Horrid Henry's Happy Birthday Steve!' does not make sense.
  • In the end when everyone yells: 'Henry!', the cake on Ruby's head had disappeared.
  • The FA Cup final is never just one week after the semi-finals. It's usually a month to six weeks afterwards.


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Horrid Henry's Happy Birthday Steve