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28 February 2015
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Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Hashtag Henry is the twenty-fifth episode in Series 4 and the 181st episode overall.


Peter's keen to solve the mystery of the Hashtag. Will Henry be part of the solution or part of the problem?


Peter is watching Number Gnomes until he gets a message from the show. The message is #1: He wonders if it's code for something. Peter goes to bed while Fluffy does selfies on the tablet. Peter talks about the message. Henry tells Peter if the message was secret. Peter tells him it was secret. He was about to say what it said, but Henry goes and yells 'Noooo!!!' while covering his ears, opening the title card.

He soon asks about the hashtag and leaves but is stopped by Mum who tells Henry to spend quality time with Peter. In the fort, Peter informs that the interior of the fort is a mess. Peter asks about the mystery of the hashtag. Margaret is heard eavesdropping and Peter goes to see her.

Despite Margaret not watching the show, she owns two mobile phones. She is invited over to help solve the mystery. Henry goes to watch TV but takes the front door. He sees Margaret complaining about Peter finding the answer on the garden wall. Peter is told by Margaret to search up Number Gnome Number One. The two search up on the phones to find a hint.

Margaret complains about who's idea was this. As Peter and she argue, Henry slides past to reach the door. Dad opens it and sees the argument, just the second Henry sneaks past. Henry gets the tablet and goes to the fort. Henry gets a notification from Number Gnomes. Henry hides the tablet but Peter and Margaret hear it. Peter opens the cushion to find a new message on the tablet. Margaret read it but cannot understand it and gives up.

The #1 Mystery is soon solved. It turns out Peter was Number Gnome Hashtag One. Peter calls Mum to tell her that they solved the mystery. A new message appears, and the message says 'Who is Number Gnome No. 2'. Henry soon covers his ears and screams 'NOOOOOOOOOO!', ending the episode.



  • This episode is the first time Peter argues with Margaret.


The transcript can be found here.

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