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12 October 2014
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Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Knows It All is the second episode in Series 4 and the 158th episode overall.


Henry is determined that nothing is going to stop him from getting his hands on some Killer Boy Rats tickets.


At breakfast time, Mum was looking in the fridge, and Peter was listening to the radio when Henry comes in and changes the music to Thrash Hornets. Then Peter told him the words are the other way around, and he replied 'Who asked you?'. Mum asked Henry if he knows where her mobile phone is, and he said, 'No!' and Peter thinks he doesn't know anything this morning, and Henry said he does. As Henry pours a lot of cereal into his bowl, the woman on the radio says, 'And if you want to win tickets, you know what you have to do, all you know it all.'.

Henry hears you can win tickets to the Killer Boy Rats. Peter thinks he should know. Henry asked what that meant to mean, and he turns up the volume, but Mum turns it down and he turns it up again. The woman says two tickets to your favourite band ever. Peter asked Henry if he knows everything, and Henry says he knows he's going to win those tickets, then Mum turns off the radio and finds her mobile phone. Henry says, 'But Mum-', but Mum said 'N-O spells No.', missing Henry's chances to listen, and Mum told him Henry would be late for school. Peter said something else he doesn't know. Henry asked about his breakfast, and Peter thinks he should know the answer to that too, making Henry groan to the audience.

At school, Henry tells Ralph and Al that he's getting those tickets by getting Peter to teach him. However Moody Margaret was hiding behind the plant and says those tickets are hers and cackles evilly, opening the title card.

In his room, Peter tries to teach Henry, but he keeps calling it a Bogey Beetle, and Peter told him it's a Bogusem Beetlearius. Henry calls Peter a Bogusem Wormicus, then Mum comes in and tells Henry not to be horrid, and Peter closes his book, so Henry asked him if he could borrow one of his books. Peter then said, 'As long as you put them in SCACS (standing for Size Color Alphabetical Classification System) since not a lot of people know that.'.

At school, Henry reads all the books, and Al asked him to come out to play, but he's learning. Then Brainy Brian shows up and tells him there are other ways to know. Henry sees Brian, and he doesn't know who he really is. He has a 'Eureka!' moment, and he knows it's Brainy Brian, but Margaret informed him that she got to him first; therefore, he belongs to her. Brain shows Henry Margaret's old mobile phone as proof. As Margaret and the classmates take their seats, Brian gives Henry a note and whispers: 'It's the website we'll be using.' Henry smiles with delight.

That night, Henry waited while pacing around, and the doorbell rings, and Rude Ralph arrives. Henry quickly pulls him into the living room and told him that he's doing the competition, but he doesn't know, and Henry says that they can use the computer to help them find information. The woman on the radio began the countdown of five seconds. Henry told Ralph to look in the fridge. In the kitchen, Ralph comes in and finds the phone and greets Mum and Peter before leaving.

Ralph gives Henry the phone, and he presses the button, and Henry used their deep voice as he is Clever Clive. The woman welcomed the second caller, and it's Margaret. Mum and Peter were listening to the radio in the kitchen. The woman said she's head-to-head with the boys. Henry told Ralph to get on since he never told him it was a head-to-head.

Later Mum and Peter listened to the women saying they're neck and neck on the radio and Ralph used his normal voice and changes it again, but Peter comes in the living room and finds Henry and Ralph, they're cheating and sees the website on the computer. The woman asked if they're ready for the tiebreak. Peter grabs the phone saying, 'No!', but Henry takes it back saying, 'Yes!' in his deep voice and throws it back to Ralph.

As the woman was talking, Peter turn turns off the computer, and Henry shouts: 'NO!'. Ralph told Henry he can't hear anything, but Henry goes to sit down, saying they should forget it. He'll never know the answer, but then he heard the question saying what does SCACS stands for. The woman asked if anyone knows the answer. Margaret said she does but Henry pushes her screen aside and Ralph said too, and she begins the countdown of three seconds.

Henry tries to remember. Henry asked Peter to help, but he closes his mouth. Margaret gets Brian to type faster for the answer, but Henry answers in his deep voice 'The Size Colour Alphabetical Classification System'.

Margaret was too late to say it, and the woman declared Henry and Ralph the winner, and she asked what do Clever Clive have to say about that. Henry says in his normal voice 'Nah-Nah-Ne-Nah-Nah!'. Margaret hears him, but Peter pushes her away and told Henry they've won, and Henry replied, 'We won?' since Peter didn't do anything.

Henry and Ralph were about to high five when the woman said two Number Gnome tickets will be in the post tomorrow. Peter high fives Henry and told him he can be his lucky Number Gnome partner and they will have some fun together and goes to tell Mum that they won the tickets, but Henry and Ralph weren't happy at all, and they both scream, 'NOOOOOOO!!!' ending the episode.



  • Moody Margaret used her full surname, and Henry pretended to be Clever Clive.


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