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2 June 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
John Brennan

Horrid Henry Meets the Queen (episode) is the fortieth episode in Series 1 and the 40th episode overall.

The episode received widespread critical acclaim, with some considering it to be one of the best episodes of the show. Praise was directed at the episodes story, humour and script, with the episode now being considered a classic episode of the show. However, it was hugely controversial on release due to its perceived anti-royalist nature, with some calls to ban the episode (which were ignored by CITV and Novel Entertainment upon broadcast in 2007 and remain ignored to this day).

One of the most controversial yet groundbreaking and famous episodes of shows broadcast on CITV, the episode was considered a turning point for the series and is now considered a classic.


The Queen is coming to Henry's school. The real-life Queen - at last Henry will get to ask her how many televisions she's got! But Peter is asked to meet the Queen and present her with a bouquet, but Henry and Peter have to be VERY careful not to get sent to the tower of London.


The episode begins with Henry running to school late and everyone came bursting out with excitement. Gorgeous Gurinder says, 'We're going to be on telly!', Greedy Graham says, 'We're going to get chocolate.', and Lazy Linda says: 'We're gonna get a whole month's holiday, I hope.'. Then Moody Margaret said to Henry 'The Queen's coming to school, stupid.' and Sour Susan says: 'Yeah, stupid!'. Henry asked Rude Ralph, 'Why is the Queen coming to school? Doesn't she know everything already?' and imagines her in his class, but Ralph calls him an idiot and tells him that she's coming on a royal visit.

Henry is very excited. He wondered he could ask the queen how many TVs she's got and while he was telling Ralph the reason. They listened to Miss Oddbod saying that the person that will greet the Queen and give her flowers will be Peter because he's got more gold stars than anyone else. Henry shouts, 'It's not fair!', opening the title card.

Peter says to his Bunny, 'Welcome to our school, Your Majesty. My name is...', and Henry replies with, 'Worm!', but Peter says his name, and does the following things: bow, bouquet, answer a question, walk away. Then Peter gives Henry his Bunny, but the only thing Henry says is, 'So little boy, why are you so smelly?', which made Peter cry. Henry gives back Peter's bunny and goes out of the living room. Henry goes in the kitchen and tells Mum how many TVs has the Queen got. Henry then enters outside and meets Margaret, who says, 'I'd die in embarrassment if my dad put up a flagpole in front of our house, Henry.', and Henry says it's not a flagpole, it's a pole. Dad tells him to get the Union Jack from the cellar because they're going to have a proper flag raising ceremony to celebrate Peter meeting the Queen. Henry says that it's so embarrassing, and Dad tells him to get the flag now.

Henry comes back in the sitting room and tells Peter he's doing it all wrong. Peter says that he isn't - until Henry tells him to make a fool of himself! Peter tells Henry, 'Are you sure this is how you greet the Queen?', and Henry replies with 'Yes. And, if you get it wrong, they'll lock you up in the tower.'. Peter says, 'No!' but Henry says, 'And then they'll sharpen their huge axe, and...'. Peter yells for Mum and tells her Henry says that he's going to get his head chopped off. Mum tells Henry not to be horrid, and then Dad tells him where's his flag. Peter tells Dad is it true that they chop off people's heads in the tower. Dad tells him it is, because that's what they call it 'The Bloody Tower'. Henry goes in the cellar to get the flag.

Miss Battle-Axe then gives everyone in the class pictures of heirs to draw. She looks at the class's drawings but asks Henry why he drew himself as a king. He convinces Miss Battle-Axe that he's born of royal-blood, additionally saying Mum and Dad aren't his actual parents and that Peter isn't his real brother, but she then tells Henry that he is overlooking one small fact: there were no children born in the same year as him.

Henry decided to make Peter feel embarrassed in front of the Queen and everybody and tells him what will happen if he did it. Henry certainly wanted to ask The Queen how many TV sets she's got. Henry shows Peter how to act in front of her. During the visit, Henry tries to ask the Queen his question, but Miss Battle-Axe covers his mouth and Peter gives her the flowers in the face and everyone were shocked. Then he wiggles his finger at her and begs her not to send him to the tower. Next, Henry and his classmates sing modern times, but Henry pushes them out the way despite Miss Battle-Axe telling him to stop and he sings 'How many TVs do you owe?'. Then Miss Battle-Axe grabs him and the Queen and her Guard get covered in mud.

Later, Mum comforts a very upset Peter and Dad scolds to Henry for disgracing the entire family and making his brother look like an idiot. Henry tried to explain all this when they see white limo outside and the Queen's Guard comes out. The Queen Guard told the family that the Queen of England was asked thousands of questions, but never before TV sets and he told them there are 82. Henry was surprised, and he asked if she has a spare one, but The Guard told not to push it. He then gives him and Peter two royal passes to the Tower of London for making her visit to the school. Henry and Peter then scream, 'NOOOOOOO!!!' while holding their necks with their hands, ending the episode.



  • This is the second time Peter yells, 'Noooo!!!'.
  • When Henry imagines switching places to a different baby trolley by accident, that other baby looks like Beefy Bert as a baby.
  • Jolly Josh and Lazy Linda were seen in the background but didn't take part in Henry and classmates' singing.
  • When Henry pushed William, he didn't cry.
  • This is the Queen's first major appearance in the show. She previously appeared in Henry's imagination in Horrid Henry's Sports Day and Horrid Henry's Hobby.
  • Peter grabbed his neck when he and Henry yelled, 'Noooo!!!'. But there is a chance that he could suffocate and die.
  • The Queen is obviously based on Elizabeth II, the real life Monarch of Great Britain.


There are currently 4 errors in the episode Horrid Henry Meets the Queen (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When the children were singing, Ralph was with them singing, but when Miss Battle-Axe grabs Henry and splashes mud all around, Ralph wasn't seen.
  • When Miss Oddbod said, 'Hip Hip Hooray!' the last time, the people in the background behind them are not waving their flags.
  • When Dad says, 'Get the Union Jack from the cellar please, Henry.', it looks like there are two poles.
  • When Miss Oddbod and Peter walk to the queen, Peter's bowtie is missing.


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