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Horrid Henry Mixes It Up

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11 October 2015
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Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Mixes It Up is the forty-eighth episode in Series 4 and the 204th episode overall.


When Miss Oddbod tells Henry to mix things up a bit, he does his best to deliver.


When Miss Battle-Axe is otherwise indisposed for the day, Miss Oddbod got Ralph and Henry to be teachers. But if Margaret has anything to do with it, things won't be staying the same for long! At first, Henry and Ralph began their teaching methods even though Margaret just pretended she's not here since she got sent to her seat by them. So the boy did what Miss Battle-Axe would do by making their classmate write in triple spacing. Soon it was lunchtime, Greasy Greta gives Henry and Ralph roast dinner each instead of stew since they are substitutes for the day and Miss Oddbod invites them over to sit with her and Mr Soggington who was not being so polite and being scolded. Mr Soggington claims that he wanted to give Henry and Ralph some spaces and Miss Oddbod assured they would respect that then Henry says 'Thank you Sidmouth' to him.

After lunch, Margaret pushing Susan holding the proclamation into the classroom like she did at the beginning of the episode before Miss Oddbod brings the boy inside. Margaret then takes over being the teacher and declare a song she has written called Girl Rule Down with Boys. Henry and Ralph come in to see the girls singing their song when Miss Oddbod turns up too but she just lets them continue after being impressed of their teacher plan before leaving. Henry and Ralph just stare and watch the girls end the episode by finishing their song as Margaret winks to the audience while passing and pointing at them.



  • After Henry and Ralph do the register, Margaret said she's not here even though everyone including her was here.
  • Margaret possibly screamed 'Noooo!!!' for the longest time in the series in this episode. She screamed it for about 55 seconds.
  • The third song of Girls Rule happened again in Horrid Henry Stays Up All Night.


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