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28 July 2012
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Written by
Alan MacDonald/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry My Weird Family is the forty-third episode in Series 3 and the 147th episode overall.


Horrid Henry and his family can't wait to take part in Family Fresh Air Day.


The family is spending the day outside because it's Family Fresh Air Day, but unfortunately, Henry doesn't want to go, and Dad says he is going.

In the park, Henry struggles to carry everything. Peter and Dad were still looking for a perfect spot, but Henry gets angry and shoos Peter away. They meet Farty Finola and her dog, nibbling their food. Dad was eating ice cream, but it was the last one. Henry asked Dad where Mum is, and he says she's at the hairdresser. Henry shows the audience his theory, and he decided to go home. Henry asked Mum that the next time they go out, she could come along because it's not the same without her. As Henry enters the house, Mum talks to the audience, saying that sometimes Henry says the most excellent things and waves goodbye, ending the episode.



  • While Peter picks up some vegetables, you can see Mum's mobile phone.
  • This is the only episode where Mum breaks the fourth wall.
  • When Henry yells, 'Noooo!!!', his head is much bigger than usual.


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  • While Peter picks up the lettuce and cucumber, you can see that Mum's mobile phone is not there. When he picks up the tomatoes, it appeared.
  • Peter brings tomatoes, and Dad doesn't object to it, but the episode Horrid Henry Eats Out reveals that Dad doesn't like tomatoes.
  • When Henry says, 'Yuck. Who farted?', one of Finola's eyebrows had disappeared.


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