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Horrid Henry Reads a Book (episode)

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13 October 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Jon Groves

Horrid Henry Reads a Book (episode) is the fifty-first episode in Series 1 and the 51st episode overall. This episode exists as a book as well.


Ashton Primary School is running a competition that involves reading books and writing reports. Henry is determined to win, but he doesn't own any books.


The episode begins with Miss Battle-Axe telling the class that there is a contest, and whoever writes the most book reports wins. Henry screams, 'Read? A book?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!' after Miss Battle-Axe tells the class they're going to read a book for the competition, opening the title card.

Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret both want to win, but Henry needs to find a book first. He looks through Perfect Peter's room for a book, but Peter needs all his books for the contest. Henry decides to make up The Happy Nappy stories to win. Miss Oddbod announced the winner is Margaret with 28 book reports, but unfortunately, she put 'Girls are Great' twice. She complains that she didn't but she did. Which means Henry wins as well since it's a tie for 27 reports for the Happy Nappy books. Miss Oddbod gives them both a first prize, which they'll share. Their prize is a whole week working in the school library. With that, Henry screams, 'NOOOOO!!!', ending the episode.



  • Henry's dream is the parody of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, where Peter play as Snow White, Margaret plays as Evil Queen, Susan plays as Witch, and Miss Battle-Axe play as Magic Mirror.


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  • When Henry said, '27 book reports, that's got to be a winner!', in the background, Gurinder's neck changes a bit.

Differences from the book

  • In the book, Henry makes up 'Mouse Goes To Town' stories. In the episode, he makes up Happy Nappy stories.
  • In the book, Clever Clare wins the competition. In the episode, Moody Margaret wins.
  • In the book, Henry thinks the prize is a trip to a theme park, but it then turns out to be Book World. In the episode, there is no mention of a theme park, even though there is mention of a prize, and the prize turns out to be a week working in the school library.


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Horrid Henry Reads a Book