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5 May 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Olly Smith

Horrid Henry Runs Away (episode) is the thirty-fourth episode in Series 1 and the 34th episode overall.


Henry is angry that his pocket money gets taken away, so he plans on running away to find a better home.


The episode begins with Henry making his slingshot, while Mum tells him to go inside the house. He uses Mr Kill as the target. Inside the kitchen, Henry loses all his pocket money due to the following incidents (breaking two CD's, a china mug, Dad's little toe, being horrid to Peter in a total of 47 times (Peter makes it 48), and Miss Battle-Axe having to write three times complaining that Henry's been naughty, lazy and making farts on purpose). He earns two of his coins back as he promised he won't do anything horrid anymore. When Mr Kill hits Dad, Peter takes away Henry's coins causing Henry transform as a snake and coil Peter. He is then stopped by Dad, sending him to his room after he says, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'.

In his room, he finds two tokens that are for the dungeons. He plans that he will run away to relieve his anger, yelling, 'I, Henry, will run away!', opening the title card.

The next morning, he tried to get a briefcase from downstairs, but he was called for breakfast. Henry tries again, but this time, Dad was there to mend a chair. He tried again, but this time, the Best Boys are having a meeting. Peter tells Henry that it will last all day. Henry could not stand it any longer. So he decides to get a suitcase and map from Ralph's house, along with some Gross Class Zero comics. He then puts everything inside the suitcase. Mum suddenly comes in and asks what Henry's doing. He says that Ralph just lent him some comics, and she then tells him not to stay up all night reading them.

At dawn, he then plans on sleeping, but finds out it's daylight. He then tries to go down stairs but struggles as the suitcase is too heavy, causing Henry to trip. He then crawls and sneaks in the kitchen but suddenly finds out that Peter's awake. Henry then tells Peter that he's running away, and if he ever told Mum and Dad about it, he'll be sorry. Finally, Henry shouts: 'Goodbye FOREVER!', ending it a threat that Peter better not touch anything in his room.

As soon as Henry leaves, Fluffy suddenly follows him. Henry then tells her to go away.

Henry heads to Margaret's treehouse, but as he enters inside, he steps on Margaret's foot, causing her to wake up and scream, then they throw clothes everywhere until they smell pancakes coming from Henry's house.

Back at Henry's house, Mum and Dad have no idea where Henry is until Peter tells them. Mum and Dad were shocked hearing this news, so they started a search, but Henry was nowhere to be found! Then Henry and Margaret sneaked into the house, and Mum and Dad were shocked that Peter had lied to them when he won. When Dad opens the cupboard, the things that were too heavy for Henry to carry on his runaway trip fall out. Henry breaks the fourth wall, telling the audience that next time, he's really going to run away, ending the episode.



  • Henry ran to Margaret's treehouse instead of somewhere in Africa.
  • In 2020, the scene where Henry asks Ralph if he can borrow a suitcase became a popular meme on the social media app TikTok, leading to a rise in popularity.
  • This episode proves that Margaret is racist, as she thinks Africans are gross.


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  • At the beginning of the episode when Mum tells Henry to come inside, she smiles but sounds angry.

Differences from the book

  • In the book, Henry decides to run away after he is banned from TV, comics and sweets for a week after Miss Battle-Axe writes to Dad to tell him Henry poked William, tripped Linda, shoved Dave, pinched Andrew, made rude noises, chewed gum and wouldn't stop talking in class. In the episode, Henry decides to run away after he loses his pocket money for breaking two CDs, a china mug and Dad's little toe, being horrid to Peter 48 times, and Miss Battle-Axe writing to Mum and Dad to complain that he was naughty, lazy and farting on purpose.
  • In the book, Henry leaves Mr Kill at home. In the episode, he takes Mr Kill with him.
  • In the episode, Henry goes to Ralph's house to borrow a suitcase after repeatedly failing to retrieve his suitcase from the basement. In the book, he just uses his own suitcase.
  • In the book, Henry runs away early in the morning. In the episode, he plans to run away after everyone goes to bed, but accidentally falls asleep and ends up running away the next morning.
  • In the episode, Henry gets into trouble for attempting to run away from home. In the book, he gets away with it.
  • In the book, Peter doesn't tell Mum and Dad that Henry's run away. As such, they don't realise he's gone, thinking he was still in his room and didn't come down for breakfast because he didn't want any. In the episode, Mum finds Henry's room empty and when she and Dad ask Peter where Henry is, he reluctantly tells them he's run away.


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