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Horrid Henry Takes the Blame

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20 December 2014
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Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Takes the Blame is the twenty-first episode in Series 4 and the 177th episode overall.


Henry is always blamed for everything that happens.


The episode begins through the window where Dad is coming home from work. The screen is moved down to the tablet where the Boodle Poodle starts dancing. Then Fluffy turns it off and hides it under the sofa as Henry enters the living room and pats her. Dad comes and goes to find his glasses. He arrives and pats Fluffy, and she leaves.

Henry and Dad start to watch Gross Class Breakout on TV when Mum comes in, and Henry changes the channel, and she asked them where her glasses are. Henry says to look in the fridge, and she responds with 'Don't be horrid, Henry.'. Then Henry notices Dad wearing Mum's glasses, and Dad changes the channel back until Mum comes back and tells Henry about not watching TV until he's done his homework and sees Dad wearing her glasses. Henry and Dad scream, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

At school, Henry told Aerobic Al about what happened last night. Henry got sent to bed and Dad ended up reading The Number Gnomes In Space story to Peter after getting caught by Mum. Inside, the two boys are watching the two girls dancing in the corridor, and Miss Oddbod tells them off. The boys walk off thinking it's a waste of brain space to understand girls. At night, some birds and an owl approaches on the window sill, and Fluffy plays the video of the Boodle Poodles dancing. She notices the audience and blocks their view. Mum comes in as Fluffy turns the tablet off then goes to sleep with the birds and owl flying away, and Mum picks it up and plugs it in then tells Fluffy to get off the sofa before leaving. Then Dad comes in the living room and takes the tablet.

In the kitchen, Henry was eating cereal, and Peter asked if he wants to hear a joke, and he said, 'Not really.'. Peter tells Mum, and she says 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'. Henry notices Dad wearing his tie, and he goes off to find something. Then Peter cries as Henry calls him a joke, and Mum asked him where the tablet is, and he asked if it's in the fridge, and Mum says the same line, so did Peter and leaves. Henry wondered why is it always him, and Peter says, 'Because, Henry' and goes upstairs.

Dad comes out with the tablet from the cupboard downstairs and puts it on the edge of the sofa, and hurries out of the house as Mum asked him. She soon finds it and calls Henry and asked him why it is on the couch, and he says that Fluffy was using it, but Mum tells him not to be horrid. Fluffy smiles with relief and Henry was annoyed since he got the blame then leaves. Mum plugs in the tablet.

At night time, the family went to bed and goes to sleep, but after Peter says goodnight to Henry, he then says back to him with, 'Good night, worm.' and the rest of the family told him not to be horrid. As the birds and the owl appeared on the window from the tree again, Fluffy plays the same video and dances to it. Then Fang joins in too and picks up the tablet and records him and Fluffy dancing together.

The next day, Fluffy and Fang were asleep together until a bird chirps, then Fang wakes up alarmed and hurries to Henry's room where Henry was still sleeping in bed. Fang jumps into his bed as Mum calls him, and he wakes up. Henry sees Fang snoring as Mum comes in with the tablet. She tells Henry he's done it again, and she wanted to look at the I'm A Lady website but it's not working. Henry reminds her that the tablet won't work if the battery runs out. Fang hears him and goes back to sleep. Mum told Henry she's not stupid. He knows that, and she knows how tablets work.

Mum tells Henry to plug the tablet in while she gets breakfast, which means he has to get out of bed to teach him not to use up all the battery, and Henry was annoyed after getting the blame again. Henry goes downstairs with the tablet as Fang follows him. Henry tells Peter he was going to plug in the tablet then goes back upstairs. He gives it to him since he has a Number Gnomes episode to catch up. Peter plugs in the tablet next to Fluffy who remembers the video from last night, Fang gets her to distract Peter then turns on the TV while he deletes the video and he does.

Peter saw Boodle Poodles on the tablet and wonders who watches that in this house, Fluffy has a halo on her head. Peter asked the audience if it could be Henry. The final scene shows the family and Margaret dancing together in the kitchen as Henry says to the audience, 'Why is it always me?'. He taps the screen and swipes it to the end credits, ending the episode.



  • This episode reveals that Dad wears glasses.
  • This is the only episode in which Henry's signature scream is included in the title card.



The transcript can be found here.

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How much does Fluffy love Boodle Poodles?