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16 November 2014
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry Tells the Truth is the twelfth episode in Series 4 and the 168th episode overall.


Horrid Henry is accused of stealing Margaret's mobile phone which he denies. For once, he is telling the truth, but things soon escalate out of control.


The episode starts of with Henry's classmates, along with Henry himself, walking into the school. Margaret and Susan are talking, and Gurinder soon joins in. As they walk into school, Soggy Sid stops them asking if Margaret has a mobile phone. Margaret says no, yet Sid says it looks like one. Margaret insists it isn't and it's a mobile mirror, like Gurinder's. Gurinder gets out her mirror just as Ralph and Henry walk into the building, Henry says he and Ralph are coming through, and Ralph calls them gangway girls. Henry attempts to push past Margaret, but Margaret stops him, saying there's no need to push. Sid backs up this claim, and Margaret seconds it. Gurinder shows Sid how to open the mirror as Ralph and Henry barge past Margaret, making her drop her mobile phone. Gurinder looks at herself in the mirror and sighs. Margaret tries calling after the two boys, but she screams 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry waves to Margaret before heading down the hallway, and Margaret marches after them. Sid tells them to hurry up or they'll be late, and Susan, Gurinder, and Linda all walk down the hallway, but Linda notices Margaret's phone and puts it in her pocket. The scene changes to Margaret walking into class, and Miss Battle-Axe asks if she can help her. Margaret says it's all Henry's fault, and Miss Battle-Axe tells her to sit down. Gurinder, Susan, and Linda all walk into class, and sit down as Miss Battle-Axe explains they'll be examining the little known life of the lesser-spotted roach, also known as the hunter beetle due to it's ability to track down it's prey. Margaret leans over the aisle and tells Henry she''l hunt him down. Henry makes a face at Margaret. Miss Battle-Axe is writing on the board, talking about the hunter beetle, when Henry whispers to Margaret that he'll hunt her down as well, calling her a bogey brain. Brian raises his hand, and explains that he thinks Miss Battle-Axe has drawn too many legs. Margaret searches in her bag for her mobile phone, and Miss Battle-Axe asks what she's doing. Margaret hotly replies she's looking for something, and Miss Battle-Axe what she's looking for. Ralph raises his hand and says maybe Margaret's looking for the lesser-spotted roach, making almost everyone laugh. William, however, start's crying and Linda was sleeping. Miss Battle-Axe says it's enough, and tells Margaret that whatever she's looking for can wait until the end of the lesson. Brian then reminds Miss Battle-Axe she's drawn one too many legs.

The scene changes to the canteen, with all the students lined up. Susan and Margaret come walking up, and join the back. Ralph imitate what Margaret said about hunting Henry down, making them both laugh. Margaret angrily asks where it is, and Henry asks what. Margaret replies he knows what she's talking about. Henry denies this, and Margaret says she's talking about her mobile phone. Sid says he thought it was a mobile mirror, and Margaret stumbles over her words as she tries to answer him. Margaret then says Henry took it, and Sid asks if this is true. Henry says no, and he's never even seen her mobile mirror. Margaret lies and creates a sob story about how Henry took her mobile phone from under her nose, causing everyone excluding Ralph, to turn on Henry. Ralph and Henry quickly run out of the canteen together.

The next morning at home, Henry goes into the kitchen and finds Dad reading the newspaper. They both say good morning to each other as Henry pours his cereal, and Dad reminds Henry he's late, but then says, kindly, that he'll give Henry a lift to school once he finds his tie. Henry excitedly says this means he has time for another bowl of cereal, but as he begins to devour the two bowls, he notices the picture and headline of the newspaper. The picture is a picture of him, and the headline reads: 'IS THIS BOY A CRIMINAL?'.

Henry reads the rest of the newspaper. It reads 'This boy might look normal and nice on the outside, but inside he's far from normal and far from nice. So lock up your mobile phones, because Henry's here and he's horrible.' Henry is mad due to the fact they can't even get his name right, and wonders who wrote it. He then realises it was 'Written by Bill, son of Bob. Who, by the way, owns this paper.'

Henry is worried, because Bob is also Dad's boss. Henry says it isn't fair, and Dad comes back into the kitchen, having found and put on his tie. Dad asks Henry how he looks, and Henry says good. Dad is happy, as he has his annual review at work, which means Bob might give him a pay rise, if he's lucky. Dad says he does feel lucky, and Henry sarcastically says it's great, putting the newspaper into his bag.

The scene changes to Ashton Primary, where the news, some teachers, Henry's class, and Margaret are all waiting. Henry gets out of Dad's car, and says goodbye. Everybody boos as Dad drives away and Henry walks in, and one of the news people asks 'Horrible Henry' if he has anything to say. Henry says that he isn't horrible, but the news interrupts that statement, saying that isn't what they've been told. Henry says he's horrid, and that it isn;t the same thing. Henry says whatever has been said about him isn't true.

The news people believed what Margaret said but Henry says that she is not telling the truth and they said it makes a better story. Henry says this is his life but the reporter says life is tough especially when he has an enemy like Margaret. Miss Oddbod takes Henry to office and asked him why he took Margaret's mobile mirror but Henry says he did not take or burrow it not even accidentally. They watch Margaret and Susan leading a protest chanting 'Down with Horrible Henry!' with everyone so Miss Oddbod had no choice but to give Henry detention today until they get to the bottom of the situation.

Henry arrives home from school as he asked the audience about what a day in detention is like. Henry enters the living room, sits on the sofa next to Fluffy who pushes the remote to him. He turns on the TV and watches a broadcast of the new reports interviewing B.B Silver about meeting the boy named 'Horrible Henry' but Henry kept saying he is horrid and she has met him saying that he is normal and nice or not. Henry turns the TV off as Dad comes back and says he did not get his pay rise because his boss said about someone stealing something and had no idea which made him say 'enough is enough'.

Henry marches to Margaret's treehouse to her and the girls to ask some questions after watching the news. Henry asked Margaret why she got all those people to write bad stuff about him and she says it is true but he denies it all since they believe her truth and not his. Margaret asked Henry where is her mobile when Linda wakes up and takes it out of her pocket saying that she had it all the time and did not say anything. Linda gives the phone back to Margaret but she does not say sorry to Henry because her dad says 'being princess means never having to say you're sorry'. So Henry used Margaret's mobile and calls to the Editor of the Ashton Argos as winks to the audience.

The final scene, Peter has breakfast as Mum was doing the washing up when Henry brings them a newspaper. Peter sees him on the cover and reads the new as Mum and Dad listens about Henry saving the day for uncovering an justice and revealing that they cannot always believe everything they read especially when it comes to being up against someone who sets on destroying them no matter what. Henry says to the audience that it is true what people say that one man's truth is another man's lie and he ends the episode by telling them to go carefully today and may the truth be with them.



  • Henry could press charges against Margaret for slander and lying.
  • Bill is mentioned to have teamed up with Margaret as he publishes the fake story.
  • There was no evidence that Henry had taken Margaret's phone, therefore Margaret would have to get some proof. Yet everyone is gullible that he did.
  • A statement from the newspaper Henry observes reads 'Lock up your mobile phones', but Margaret says that she has a mobile mirror. This proves Margaret was lying.


There is currently 2 error in the episode Horrid Henry Tells the Truth. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Brian is pointing out Miss Battle-Axe's error on the board, the shell toe on one of Singing Soraya's shoes nearly covers up the entire shoe.
  • When Margaret was talking to Henry, Gurinder wasn't seen sitting in her seat in front of him.


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