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Horrid Henry Trapped!

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20 October 2007 (Saturday)
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Dave Unwin
Written by
Paul Alexander

Horrid Henry Trapped! is the twenty-third episode in Series 1 and the 23rd episode overall. The episode received widespread critical acclaim for its life messages, emotional impact, emotional story and handling of serious themes covered, and is considered to be one of the most emotionally satisfying episodes; it's now considered to be a favourite episode of many for this reason.


Henry finds himself trapped in his dark cellar with Peter - things couldn't get any worse. How will they get out of the cellar? How will they cope?


The episode begins with Peter playing in his bedroom with Bunny, when Henry opens the door asking Peter where his Rapper Zapper video game is. Peter does not know until Henry holds Bunny in his hand and threatens to staple him to the wall if Peter does not tell him where it is. Peter snatches Bunny back and runs away with Henry chasing him until they fall in the cellar.

Henry says that he, Peter and Bunny are trapped in the cellar together for hours and screams 'NOOOOOOO!!!', opening the title card.

They try to call for help, but unfortunately, Mum doesn't hear them because she's in the garden like Peter said. They tried using the golf club to make some sound, but it fails. Henry soon tells Peter to give him a leg up, but he refuses. To force Peter, Henry throws Bunny on the shelf and sharply tells Peter again. Henry tries to reach the window, but he loses his balance and falls. Peter tells him he didn't get Bunny. Henry soon starts saying everything has been Peter's fault ever since he was born. Henry tells him that he tried to get rid of him, but whenever he came up with a great idea, he got into trouble and blames Peter for the damages. Henry soon has enough and uses a spoon to tunnel his way out (not surprisingly, it breaks) and then uses boxes to stack for him to get out.

Peter calls Henry mean and shows that Henry once saved his life. Many years ago, Henry and Peter were playing in the park, when Peter was almost attacked by a Rottweiler until Henry scared it away. Mum thought Henry scared Peter but soon saw that Henry was saving him.

Henry tries to cover up the truth by saying that the dog was going near Mr Kill and scared it away. Peter still tells Henry that he did save him. But Henry lies even more, until the shelf, along with Bunny, starts to collapse on Peter, when Henry shoves him out of the way and gets crushed by the shelf.

In the hospital, Henry was in bed with Bunny next to him and explains to the audience that he's been here since yesterday. However, he rang the bell so many times since nobody didn't bring his breakfast. The nurse comes in with an injection, but Henry quickly hides under the cover. Soon he comes out and asked the nurse about his breakfast, and she says he cannot eat anything until his test and tells him not to ring the bell.

Henry thinks it's unfair because hospitals always give him yucky jelly, but on the bright side, he's been missing school. Miss Battle-Axe and Moody Margaret arrived, and Henry quickly hides Bunny. She and his classmates were worried since he was kept in the hospital overnight except for Margaret. She told him that everyone including her signed a card that says, 'Get well, hero!'.

Miss Battle-Axe told Henry that he's a hero for saving Peter, but he felt embarrassed. Margaret gives Henry the card, but Henry suggested something to eat and Miss Battle-Axe told him that he's not allowed anything. As Miss Battle-Axe and Margaret leave him alone, Henry couldn't help this because his reputation is ruined and everyone will be him 'Hero Henry!'.

Since Henry was getting so hungry, he decided to get out of bed and find something to eat and he leaves Bunny in bed. Later, the nurse takes Mum, Dad and Peter to the scanner room but then Henry grabs his brother and asked for his money in return for saving his life. Before they go to Henry's room for his test, Henry wanted to show Peter something amazing.

Mum and Dad entered the room, but they only saw Bunny, but not Henry. They wondered where Peter is. The operators were ready, but when they pulled the cover, it was Peter tied up, and not Henry. After they saw Peter, they got him out, and they were searching for Henry. Meanwhile, he was at the table with the food he can eat, and at last, he laughs and eats the chicken, ending the episode.




  • In this episode, it's shown that Henry really does care for Peter.
  • The hospital's canteen looks very similar to the school canteen.
  • The flashbacks are references from this book.


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  • When the shelf is collapsing in the basement, the bandages on Bunny show up before they're even added in the hospital scene.


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Horrid Henry Trapped!