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31 October 2006 (Tuesday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
John Brennan

Water pistols, Flour, Eggs, Shaving Foam, Stinkbombs, Toilet Paper. Everything I need to encourage people to be generous. Because after all, tonight it's Halloween! Ha Ha Ha!


Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats (episode) is the fifth episode in Series 1 and the 5th episode overall. This episode features Henry being banned from Halloween for shaving almost all of Peter's hair off to make him look scary.

The episode received widespread critical acclaim.


Horrid Henry's Halloween plans are foiled when he is sent to his room and forbidden to leave the house on Halloween, thanks to his perfect brother, but all is not lost as he finds some inventive ways to enjoy his perfectly sweet Halloween.


As the episode begins, Horrid Henry grabs everything he needs in his room for Halloween. He can't wait to go trick or treating, but when he finds out he has to go with Perfect Peter in a bunny costume, he feels like that he's going to embarrass himself.

Because of this, he takes Peter to the bathroom to shave his hair and when Henry shows the mirror that is facing him, he screams and Mum comes in. She yells at Henry and he is ultimately banned from trick or treating. He screams: 'Noooo!!!' and then shouts, 'It's not fair!!!'.

Henry puts a poster on the front of Peter, but Mum takes it and she tells him that he is not going trick or treating. Peter and Mum both leave to go trick or treating, but Henry said that she can't do this to him, as it was like banning Santa Claus from Christmas.

In his room, he knows everyone except for him is going out to go trick and treating. He thought he would never go trick or treating until he figures that he could dress up and go trick or treating anyway but as the Dark Avenger, and he puts green paint on his face and wears a vampire cape and "Mum said that Henry couldn't go trick-or-treating, but I'm not Henry anymore, I am The Dark Avenger!" and put a dummy of him pretending it was him listening to music. As being dressed in that costume, he's no longer Henry, but he is the Dark Avenger.

In the living room, Dad was watching TV, but he could hear Henry listen to music. He goes to Henry's room and turns off the radio saying he can't hear the TV. He then leaves, and Henry said that Dad won't come to his room unless he makes a noise. He then makes the dummy pretending it was him. After making it, he would then sneak out.

The doorbell rang, and when Dad opened it, it shows Ralph saying, 'Trick or treat!'. Dad comes and gave Ralph a satsuma. Ralph wanted a real treat, otherwise, he would paint a big X on the front door. Dad then gives him some sweets and he returns to the living room and Henry sneaks out of the house.

It cuts to Gorgeous Gurinder and Lazy Linda talking to each other whilst Henry prepares to scare them with a green werewolf head on a broom, a voice changer and a monster hand. Henry then puts the fake monster on show behind a fence and makes some spooky noises. Gurinder asks if Ralph is there and then Henry puts the monster hand through a hedge and the girls run away. Henry takes Gurinder and Linda's sweets that they left by accident.

It then cuts to Greedy Graham, Anxious Andrew and Beefy Bert talking about toilet papering the people that gave each of them a box of raisins while Henry prepares another scary surprise, but this time, armed with a water pistol. He makes some scary noises and tells them to give them his sweets, or they will drown. Graham sensibly says that they are his and that they won't hand them over. So Henry finds a crack in a fence and fires his water pistol at Graham. Andrew says that he doesn't want to drown, so Henry fires at him as well. This makes them run away screaming like Gurinder and Linda did, leaving their treats behind. Henry takes them and finds some toilet paper in one of the bags.

He hangs the toilet paper up in the trees in one area and waits behind a tree as William comes along. William looks through some of the toilet paper and is shocked to see the Dark Avenger waiting there. The Dark Avenger makes a shrieking sound, and William runs away, screaming. The Dark Avenger (Henry) goes on a scaring rampage, scaring people such as Tidy Ted, Spotless Sam and Sour Susan.

Moody Margaret and Aerobic Al were next, so Henry throws pumpkins down and they just about miss the pumpkins. Margaret says that whoever did that would pay for what they'd done.

The children had had enough, so they all go to his house and tell Dad Henry is spoiling their Halloween. He goes to his room to find the dummy Henry pretending to listen to music. However, he could only see the back of him, so he goes back and tells them Henry is in his room, thinking that Dark Avenger is still out there, but they all scream and flee. But Moody Margaret still thinks it's Henry, so she goes to her treehouse and sees him in it. She runs up there but makes an enormous mistake when she drops her sweets and leaves it on the pathway. She gets up and punches the werewolf staff's head off, but when she sees Henry taking her sweets, she screams very, very, loudly.

Mum hears her while coming home with Peter, so she goes into the house and knocks on Henry's door to see if he's in there, and Peter gives him his treats. Henry then celebrates back in his room with all the bags of sweets, ending the episode.




The episode received widespread critical acclaim for its story, humour, script and ending, with many calling it a very strong start to the series, and some have continued to call it one of their favourite episodes of the show even as of 2021, with the show now having 5 series.

It has gained a large cult following in retrospective years, and is now considered to be one of the most famous episodes of the show, as well as one of the show's signature episodes.


  • This was the first episode to broadcast in television and the first to broadcast in 2006.
  • This is the first episode where Henry screams: 'Noooo!!!' in broadcast order.
  • This episode has different things that never happened in other episodes:
    • When Weepy William cries, teardrop sound effects were used, but they were never heard again anywhere else in the series.
    • Anxious Andrew, Sour Susan and Greedy Graham had different voices.
  • Everyone was wearing the following costumes:
    • Horrid Henry - Vampire and then the 'Dark Avenger'
    • Rude Ralph - Vampire
    • Moody Margaret - Witch
    • Perfect Peter - Bunny
    • Sour Susan - Christmas tree
    • Anxious Andrew - Pirate
    • Greedy Graham - Chef
    • Beefy Bert - Cardboard robot
    • Weepy William - Police officer
    • Aerobic Al - Karate master
    • Lazy Linda - Queen
    • Gorgeous Gurinder - Princess
    • Singing Soraya - Devil
  • Alongside Horrid Henry's Horrid Hamster, this episode involves the most screaming.
  • This is the second time Ralph became enemies with Henry. The first time was in Horrid Henry's School Fair.


There are currently 10 errors in the episode Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Margaret was shocked as she sees Henry stealing her treats, her arms were dislocated.
  • When Peter and Mum go outside, Peter was in his normal clothes, but when they came back, he was in his bunny costume and his hair grew back.
  • When Andrew said, 'That's not a real monster, is it?' Graham's eyebrows were missing.
  • Gorgeous Gurinder said that Sour Susan wore heels, even though she was wearing long boots.
  • When Henry says, 'That's it!' after 'Eureka!', his mouth movements are out of sync.
  • When Henry is in Margaret's garden, Margaret goes to the top of her tree house and spots Henry. However, Margaret is looking straight forward and Henry is just leaving her garden.
    • If Margaret were looking straight forward, then she would be looking into the neighbour's garden and not at Henry, making the angle impossible for her to see him.
  • When Margaret and Al are having pumpkins thrown at them, the pencil outline of the moon is visible.
  • When Henry is holding up a poster, Peter is behind it. You can see there's a gap between the poster and the ground, but there is nothing in the gap. Peter should've been seen in the gap.
  • When Henry says, 'Mum and Dad are always complaining that I'm not nice to the worm.', his mouth movements do not match.
  • When Dad saw the X painted on the front door, he scooped some paint off with his finger, but when Henry reappears, the X is fully painted on.


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