Who Stole Mr. Kill is an episode in Season 1


Mr Kill the teddy bear is missing and Henry launches and investigation to find the thief.


Someone has stolen Henry's beloved teddy, Mr. Kill. Henry has to find both Mr. Kill, and whoever it was who stole him. But in the end, Mr. Kill wasn't stolen, Mum washed him and hanged it on the washing line because he was smelly. As Henry's punishment for accusing his family and Margaret, he's staying in his room for the rest of the day and has to pay for Peter’s Cello Strings with his pocket money. Yep, He's grounded for 1 day. At night, Henry pulls his teddy bear into his window and goes to sleep while holding it.

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Horrid Henry

Perfect Peter



Great Aunt Greta (fantasy)

Mr. Kill

Stinky (first apperance in fantasy)

Fluffy (fantasy)

Moody Margaret

Sour Susan


  • When Henry says "Mr. Kill, where are you?", you can see Mr Kill on the washing line.