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24 November 2006 (Friday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Dave Ingham

Horrid Henry Who Stole Mr Kill? is the eleventh episode in Series 1 and the 11th episode overall. The episode was negatively reviewed, in stark contrast to the positively reviewed previous episodes, with much criticism aimed at the handling of the story, alongside Henry's personality in the episode, which has been considered to be mean, antagonistic, and horrible; he is considered by many fans to be the villain of this episode for that reason.


Mr Kill the teddy bear is missing, and Henry launches an investigation to find the kidnapper.


While Henry comes home, he rushes up to his room to listen to the Killer Boy Rats. While he was doing that, he got interrupted by Dad telling him to wipe his feet. When he enters his room, he saw the room clean. He didn't like it, so he makes it messy by throwing his stuff everywhere.

The next day when Henry was sleeping, Dad tells him to get up. He suddenly stepped on Henry's mutant-cyborg spiders, exclaiming like a monkey. Henry wakes up and says good morning to Dad. Then, he continues to throw his stuff everywhere. After he's done doing this, he goes to bed liking his room messy. But, he saw Mr Kill missing, so he asks himself where he is. After he asks himself for the second time, Henry screams 'Who stole Mr Kill?', opening the title card.

He looks at the family member's pictures and spots Dad. He calls him Dodgy Dad and he asks himself why. He imagines of Dad being dodgy. After his imagination ends, he tells himself he's going to get Mr Kill back.

In the kitchen, he asks Dad where he is. He notices he's going to cook him. He then tells Moody Margaret. In the flashback, Peter asks Henry if she's going to be alright. Then suddenly, Margaret screams: 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY DOLLY?!' after seeing that Henry was wreaking her dolly. He thought she might have buried him as a time capsule.

He then goes to Peter's room to look everywhere in his room for him. Peter then comes in, but he notices a mess in his room. Henry asks Peter where Mr Kill is. He uses force, but Peter told him not to. He asks him what he's done with Mr Kill and he did not touch him. He unzips the Cello case, but Peter told him to leave it alone. Henry takes out the scissors and then puts it on the Cello strings. As soon as he cuts the Cello strings, Mum and Dad told him what happened. Henry asks Mum who took it and it was her. She takes Henry to the garden and then tells him he is there. Mr Kill wasn't stolen, and Mum washed him and hanged it on the washing line because he was smelly. As Henry's punishment for accusing his family and Margaret, he's staying in his room for the rest of the day and has to pay for Peter's Cello strings with his pocket money. Yep, he's grounded for 1 day. Henry was straight to bed while Mr. Kill stays on the washing line.

At night, Henry pulls his teddy bear into his bedroom window and goes to sleep while holding onto it, ending the episode.




  • When Henry says, 'Mr Kill, where are you?', you can see Mr Kill on the washing line.
  • This is the first episode when Henry screams something else other than 'Noooo!!!' or It's not fair!
  • The list of the following photos show:
    • Mum in Hawaii
    • Dad playing Tennis
    • Peter playing his Cello on stage
    • Margaret pulling a face
  • This is the first episode that wasn't adapted from a story in the books.
  • The animation style is a bit different than the previous episodes.



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  • When Mum told Henry to stay in his room for the rest of the day, her sleeves were blue, and before that, they were purple.
  • When Mum explains that she washed Mr Kill because he was smelly, Henry is missing his yellow stripe on his shirt.
  • Henry and Peter's skin are paler when Henry is telling Peter to confess for Mum and Dad.


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