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An inactive user with rights will have their rights removed AFTER 30 DAYS after getting the Inactive tag. However, because the Inactive tag is unused, we will now demote users when they haven't made an edit in 3 months.

What is inactivity?

Inactivity is when a user hasn't edited for a certain amount of time. When this time has been passed, the Inactive tag will appear next to a user's username on their profile page. If the user starts contributing, the Inactive tag will be removed, stating that they're active.

The Inactive tag is currently not available. Some wikis have this tag, but our wiki does not.

Demotion process

To users reading this page, here's the effect that causes the rights to be removed, called a demotion process.

  1. When the user has gotten the Inactive tag, a notice must be placed on his/her message wall stating why the rights will be removed.
  2. The user has 30 days to respond to the notice.
  3. If the user has responded to the notice before the 30 days are up, the user rights will not be removed.
  4. Otherwise, if he/she does not respond before that time runs out, the rights will be removed.

What happens after the rights are removed?

A user who has their rights removed due to inactivity or other reason will be given the former, or in other words, the previous status of the rank (i.e. former administrator). They can request their rights to be given back at any time.

It is therefore recommended that the user becoming inactive, or getting the Inactive tag, should notify the community that their activity has reduced considerably on time of the inactivity notice.