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Horrid Henry and the Boodle Poodle

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21 July 2012
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Boodle Poodle is the thirty-sixth episode in Series 3 and the 140th episode overall.


When Fang gets challenged by a Boodle Poodle, Henry, Ralph and Fluffy help him win, but who will win?


It starts with Moody Margaret walking in the classroom and asking everyone, 'Who saw Boodle Poodles last night?'. Brainy Brian replies by saying that they were incredible. Horrid Henry mutters, 'Weird more like.' and says that Too Cool for School is the best TV show in the whole wide world. Margaret and Henry start arguing and Henry ends the argument by saying, 'Is with double bells on, and a slice of cheese!'. Miss Battle-Axe compliments his inventive idea but she tells him and Margaret to sit down now. Miss Battle-Axe gives him double detention after saying that the Boodle Poodles is the best TV show in the whole wide world though it's not even 9 o'clock yet. He yells, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

At lunch, Margaret talks to Sour Susan about the Boodle Poodles last week. Henry is sure that Fang is going to beat the Boodle Poodles, but he has a lot of work to do to be able to win. After school, the boys told Fang what's going to happen, Fang can do everything apart from synchronize swimming. That night, Fang was abled to do it with help from Fluffy. They worked very hard, and the next morning, the contest has begun, Henry arrived and Ralph told him that she gathered everyone over to see them humiliated. First off is hula-hooping, next is slipper throwing (Fang wins!), then ballroom dancing (Fang gets thrown to the ground by the boodle poodle). Last round, synchronize swimming, The Boodle Poodle went first, then Fang climbs onto the diving board (Henry covers his eyes). Fang was able to do it and Henry opens his eyes. Margaret declared the winner is (everyone chanted 'FANG!') so she gave up and Fang was the winner. Henry and Ralph pick him up saying, 'Hamsters Rule OK!'. Fang says, 'Yeah-yeah-yeah!', ending the episode.




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  • When Fang throws the slipper, he looks slightly bigger than usual.


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Horrid Henry And The Boodle Poodle