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Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady (episode)


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23 February 2008 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
John Brennan

Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady (episode) is the eighth episode in Series 1 and the 8th episode overall. It is also a story in Horrid Henry's Revenge.


Henry finds a new enemy: Greasy Greta - the school dinner lady. She eats up all the treats whenever she sees them, but how are the classmates going to get rid of her? Spicy food? Refilling their lunchboxes?


The episode begins with Miss Battle-Axe dragging Henry to the school's dining room. Henry said he hates school dinners, so Miss Battle-Axe gives him a tray and tells Henry to get something to eat. Henry looks at the food. The lunch lady (Greasy Greta) hands Henry some kind of red gross noodle. Henry asked what that new food is. He imagines himself getting eaten by the red gross noodle food monster. Henry said he's been poisoned by the school dinner food pretending himself. Henry lies down on the floor and screams, 'AAAARRRRGGHHH!' opening the title card.

Henry was in the sick room on the bed. He looked at the thermometer on his mouth and it started beeping. Then Henry shouts, 'Yes!' and says that he's not getting any more school dinners. Henry explains the 'packed lunch room' which has food you could eat, the food you can swap and food you can enjoy. Miss Battle-Axe comes in and asks Henry if he's feeling better, Henry said no because he's allergic to school dinners. Miss Battle-Axe said you just fainted from hunger, so she gave him some school lunch with extra helpings to Henry, telling him not to move until he's eaten everything. He looked at his food and said, 'Yuck!'.

After school at home, Henry and his family were watching TV about cooking healthy food, and the chef on the TV said: 'You just can't beat a good salad, can you?'. Henry turned off the TV and told Mum and Dad that everyone else had a packed lunch. Mum said, 'N-O spells no' because it's too much hard work, and Henry never eats from what Mum and Dad give him. Henry said he hates school dinners, but Peter said he likes school dinners because they're delicious. Henry said, 'Silence, worm!'. Peter cried and tells Mum who says 'Don't Be Horrid, Henry'. Henry pleads for a packed lunch, then Mum and Dad decided that Henry gets a chance, so Dad said if he promises to eat everything.

The next day, Henry walked to the packed lunch room with his lunch box. He opened the door and saw everyone having fun. Rude Ralph saw Henry and said, 'You're one of us now.'. Ralph was holding his bottle of water ready to shake, while Henry brought his bottle of water and start shaking too. All the kids stopped playing and look at Miss Battle-Axe and Greasy Greta. Miss Battle-Axe says Henry has just demonstrated why the packed lunch room is out of control, so they brought Greasy Greta to be in charge. Greta orders everyone to return their seats and they open their lunch boxes. Greta sees Henry's muffin and takes it. Then, she grabs everyone's treats in every lunch box and eats them, telling them there are no treats allowed.

After a few days, Henry was trying to get rid of the Dinner Demon Lady by using his tricks, but all of his tricks failed. The next day Greasy Greta checked everyone's lunch box for some treats, but there was none. Greta asked everyone if anyone had a treat. Andrew got nervous and Greta thinks of an idea when she looked at him, so she told Andrew to tell her where Margaret has hidden his treat or else back to school dinners. Andrew said in Margaret's socks. Margaret tells her Graham had taped his treat under the desk. Ralph told her Henry has a chocolate biscuit in his football boot. But when she check Henry's football boot, it wasn't there, so Greasy Greta tells everyone that unless someone tells her where Henry has hidden his treat, everyone goes back to school dinners. Everyone said it's in Henry's satsuma. Greasy Greta peeled off the satsuma and ate the treat.

While after school, Mum baked Henry some biscuits. She told Henry he can take some to school and she warns him not to touch the biscuits because they're hot. Henry gets an idea of sprinkling extra hot chili powder on the biscuits to defeat the dinner lady.

At lunchtime in the Packed Lunch Room, Henry showed his lunch box to Greasy Greta, and she started gobbling them up. Then Greta's face turned red from eating those biscuits, so she took Andrew's soda and Margaret's water bottle and drank it to remove the heat. Then she takes Henry's biscuits and eats the rest of them. At night in his room, Henry was dreaming to find a way to get rid of Greasy Greta. In Henry's dream, the dinner lady was crying for no more treats and Miss Battle-Axe asked who was the smarty pants who did it. Henry stands up and tells her that he is a smarty pant, but Ralph said he was a smarty pants. Then Margaret said she was smarty pants, then everyone else said they are smartypants. Henry woke up and got an idea when Dad to pipe down and go to sleep.

The next morning at school, Margaret doesn't want to work with Henry, but he told her they need to stick together, and Ralph thinks they're all going to get into big trouble. Henry told everyone she can't stop herself from eating. At the Packed Lunch Room, while Greasy Greta came in the room, she saw everyone's lunch boxes showing treats. She started to gobble everyone's lunch boxes until they were adding more treats in their lunch. After she realises there are more treats in their lunch box, Henry shouts, 'Now!', then everyone started pouring out treats on every table. Greta can't control herself, so she started eating them all.

Mr Soggington was taking the Greasy Greta to the hospital on a platform trolley after a tummy ache. Greta wants to go back to the school dinners from now on. Henry said: 'Well, they are a lot healthier!', and everyone started cheering, ending the episode.





There are currently 10 errors in the episode Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Henry said, 'I'm not letting the demon dinner lady spoil my fun.', his lunch box is empty.
  • When Miss Battle-Axe tells Henry to eat something, it showed Margaret and Graham in the school dining room, but they're supposed to be in the packed lunchroom.
  • When Greta is wheeled out into the playground, the school doors are green instead of their usual colour.
  • When everyone said: 'In his satsuma!', you can hear Peter when he isn't in the room.
  • When Greta takes everyone's treats, treats still can be seen in the student's lunchboxes, and when she searches for them, treats can be seen flying out.
    • Also, Henry's cupcake with the rubber spider can still be seen in his lunchbox after he pranked, which Greta did not notice as a treat.
  • Greta ate apples out of Ralph and Bert's lunchboxes, despite apples not being treats.
  • When Henry said, 'Well, they are a lot healthier.', Margaret's eyes are located at the center of her nose.
  • In the scene where Greta tries to eat a treat attached to a stretchy spider, the cake that the spider is on in Henry's lunchbox changes from blue to pink when Henry says 'Gotcha'. An apple also appears in Henry's lunchbox during the scene.
  • The treats that Greta gets from Margaret's socks can be seen in the same scene earlier in her lunchbox, despite Greta complaining she couldn't find any treats.

Differences from the book

  • In the book, Greta is defeated after eating Henry's hot chilli powder biscuits. In the episode, she is unaffected by the biscuits and is defeated by eating too much.
  • In the episode, Greta worked in the school canteen and was sent to supervise the packed lunch room because the children were misbehaving. Her origin is never discussed in the book.


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Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady