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14 December 2006 (Thursday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Olly Smith

Horrid Henry and the Dinner Guests (episode) is the seventeenth episode in Series 1 and the 17th episode overall.


An outraged Henry manages to wheedle his way into a special dinner evening, but comes face-to-face with a worthy opponent - Mum's boss, who turns out to be even more horrid than Henry!


Mr and Mrs Mossy are coming for dinner tonight and Henry makes a mess in the kitchen while getting chocolate mousse and Dad makes him clean it up. Henry thinks it's unfair that he's going to bed, and Peter stays up to play the cello since Dad refuses to let him stay up due to what happened last time. Henry transforms into a dinosaur and attacks Peter, but Mum tells him to go upstairs. The guests have arrived. Henry tries to sneak his way. Both Henry and Mr Mossy competed against each other. When Mr Mossy burped, Mum tells that Henry gets the blame. Henry shows Mr Mossy his karate skills, but he gets thrown and Dad catches him. Henry starts causing mischief tonight. That night, Henry ruins the dinner. Mrs Mossy leaves, but Mr Mossy told Mum and Dad he'd enjoyed it. He talks to Henry about the fact that they were similar when they were young, but when he puts his hat on, he gets covered in chocolate mousse, which was put in by Henry. He says no one was better than him and laughs, ending the episode.



  • In this episode, Mum wears a dark pink shirt and a golden necklace.
  • This episode is the first appearance of Mr and Mrs Mossy.


There are currently 14 errors in the episode Horrid Henry and the Dinner Guests (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Henry was cleaning up the pudding on the floor, the napkin was light yellow, but when the scene goes to Dad, Henry and Peter, it's blue.
  • At certain points in the episode, Mum is wearing her normal clothes:
    • When Dad says, 'Oh no, the mousse! I'll have to make another one.'
    • When Fluffy chases Mr and Mrs Mossy's dog and everyone runs out into the dining room.
    • When Henry enters the living room with his Grisly Grub.
    • When she says, 'I thought you were in bed.'
    • In the flashback when Doddery Donald and Old Olive are about to sit down.
  • When Dad and Mr Mossy are walking into the kitchen, the see through glass doesn't seem to show the hallway.
  • When Henry transforms into a dinosaur and attacks Peter, the spaghetti on the table is missing.
  • When Henry complains he wants to stay up and wants to eat chocolate moose, the right chair moved up a bit.
  • When Mrs Mossy was about to eat the Rotten Krispies, the wrists on her coat are dark pink.
  • When Mrs Mossy yells, 'Are you trying to poison me?!', the wrists of her coat are back to their normal colors.
  • When Mrs Mossy, Dad and Mum get out of the living room, for a few frames Henry's neck has no color.
  • When Dad and Mr Mossy come in the kitchen, and Dad starts talking, his mouth isn't moving for a frame.
  • When Mum was in the kitchen with Dad, she had Dad's sleeve for a split second when she was handing him the napkin.

Differences from the book

  • In the book, Henry beats Mr Mossy in karate, but in the episode, however, it is Mr Mossy who subdues him.
  • In the book, Mr and Mrs Mossy are a late-middle-aged white couple, but in the episode, they are a younger black couple.
  • Mr Mossy reveals his first name to be Timothy in the episode. In the book, it is given as Reginald.


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