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Horrid Henry and the Gross Question

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2 December 2009 (Friday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Clive Endersby/ Dan Berlinka/ Andy Williams/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Gross Question is the forty-fifth episode in Series 2 and the 97th episode overall.


The race is on for the answer to the Gross Class Zero Question of the week, in order to get the Gross Class Zero cast to come to his house for dinner, but no-one suspects that the answer to a question might lie in the most unexpected places.


The episode starts with Henry trying to win a trip to Gross by answering the gross question: how often does a cockroach fart? Henry tells Peter to get off the computer, but Peter refuses to because he's on Club Hippo. Henry tells Peter to go back to Club Hippo when he's finished. Peter then tells Mum about this. Henry searches corkroach farting, but there's only 326,741 results. Mum tells Henry to get off the computer, making Peter go back on the computer, and made Henry scream, 'NOOOOOOOOO!!!', opening the title card.

Henry goes on the phone in his parents' room to answer how often does a cockroach fart, but the answer is no. Henry then tells Peter to look up cockroach farts, but it's disgusting. Henry tells Peter to do it, but he tells for Mum that Henry's trying to make Peter look up cockroach farts on the computer. Henry then goes to the kitchen, but Mum asks him what is he doing. Henry tells her he's looking for cockroaches, but cockroaches like dirty places. Henry makes the kitchen dirty, then accidentally threw the red gooey stuff, making Mum scream, 'HENRY!'.

In the garden, Henry was grounded with no computer for two weeks, no pocket money for three weeks and no TV for a month. He then kicks a stone which hits a flower pot revealing a cockroach and tries to catch it but it crawls into Margaret's garden. Henry offered to get it out for her but Margaret claims she's looking it too. So Henry imagines himself as king and making his cockroach fart at Margaret in a cage.

Henry goes to the school library, Ralph gets detention from Mr Soggington for knocking him down while carrying books, and Madame Tutu wanted to talk to Margaret about her ballet lesson noticing, and Henry made it just in time. Henry was about to be on the computer when Miss Lovely stops him, and she reviews the sites he's been on that aren't supposed to be on. Miss Lovely told Henry to look in a book for some research. Henry finds the page about cockroaches when Ralph takes it from him, and then Margaret snatches off, so they split up. Ralph takes it back again and runs off. Henry uses a tray and grabs it from Ralph but then he crashes and still okay. Henry was about to read the answer when they saw Brainy Brian on the computer which Miss Lovely tells him to log off. Brian told them all the answer is once every 15 minutes, which means he likes Gross Class Zero since it's his favourite show. The four pupils started fighting over the computer as Miss Lovely watches them turning her head.

Back at Henry's house, Mum banned him from the TV and the computer and no pocket money. Henry complains it's unfair. Just then, The lady comes and says to Peter that he won their competition, which makes his favourite hippos are coming for tea. With that, Henry screams, 'NOOOOOO!!!', ending the episode.




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  • Moody Margaret was chasing that piece from 'The Gross Book of Insect Facts' even though she had that cockroach book.


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Horrid Henry And The Gross Question