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Horrid Henry and the Ice Cream Dream

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4 September 2009 (Friday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Alan Penderleith/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Ice Cream Dream is the twenty-first o episode in Series 2 and the 73rd episode overall.


Henry cannot imagine a world without ice cream, so he tries to make sure that it will never happen!


The episode starts in school until the bell goes, and the children (including Henry and Ralph) leave their seats. Miss Battle-Axe gets attacked in the stampede. Peter meets Mum at the gate, but Henry doesn't. Soon, however, Henry and Ralph are enjoying ice cream cones at the van.

The next day, Henry and Ralph go back to the van, and Henry orders a Chunky Chocolate Ice Cream, but unfortunately, the vendor is upset due to his last day since very few people have been to the van. He says that he will not serve anymore. To Henry and Ralph's dismay, they scream, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry is in school staring at the place the van used to be. He soon sees that every student, including Ralph, are eating vegetables. Soon at dinner, Henry is relieved that there are sausages. But his happiness suddenly decreases when they are truly carrot sausages followed by boiled carrots and carrot mash. And for dessert is carrot cake. Henry asked the audience if they can believe what's happening. Peter is soon watching TV but Henry grabs the remote, and a cooking show comes up showing nothing but vegetables. He has a nightmare that ice cream went extinct. Later, Henry is at the supermarket with Peter and Mum. Henry soon looks for the ice cream but realises that a tower of tins of carrots has replaced the ice cream. In his rage, he transforms into a dinosaur and destroys the tower and stomps on the tins but is stopped by Mum who says: 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'. When Henry and Mum get home, Mum complains that she had to buy the damaged tins of carrots. Henry told her it's not his fault the ice cream is taken away, and she calmly tells Henry to put them away in the cupboard. Henry reads the back saying: 'Collect 6 tokens and win a tour to the Frosty Freeze Ice Cream Factory'.

Mum also states to write a slogan. Henry manages to get the tokens and with the help of Ralph, comes up with the slogan. 'Frosty Freeze is really cool. If you don't eat it, you're a fool!' Eventually, Henry wins and enters the factory. He meets a man called Frosty Steve. He sees Snowbots working hard. Dad gives Henry his lunch (which are carrots). He tells one a joke, but the Snowbot finds it hard to figure it out and accidentally knocks the carrots in a vat. The Snowbot is still curious and asks him what the answer is. Henry soon gets to the free samples room. Frosty Steve activates the ice cream nozzle, but an orange liquid comes out. He and Dad try some, saying it's delicious. Henry tries it. Realising it's carrot, Henry tells the truth and expects to be punished. But Frosty Steve strongly likes the idea, and his flavour becomes very popular.

All the students go to the van, and the vendor gets many customers. Everyone eats the carrot ice cream, but Henry orders his special flavour, Ketchup Ice Cream. He then laughs, ending the episode.



  • When Henry is on the phone to Ralph, Ralph's bedroom looks the same as Henry's.


There are currently 2 errors in the episode Horrid Henry and the Ice Cream Dream. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • At the end of the episode, Henry says ketchup is made from a vegetable too, but ketchup comes from tomatoes and tomatoes are a fruit.
  • When the school bell rings in the close-up of the children's feet, you can see Tidy Ted's feet in the wrong classroom.


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