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14 April 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Joe Williams
This article or information is about the episode. You might be looking for the story in the book, Horrid Henry and the Secret Club.

Horrid Henry and the Injection is the thirty-first episode in Series 1 and the 31st episode overall.


Horrid Henry and his classmates have an injection because it's injection day at school, and Nurse Needle is on the loose. Henry is desperate to get out of having his injection, but how can he avoid that sharp needle?


The episode begins with Henry daydreaming in class about saving his class from the evil Math Monster, but is snapped back into reality when Miss Battle-axe repeatedly calls out his name. Afterwards, Miss Battle-axe asks the class who deserves a Brave Badge, to which the majority of the class raises their hand, and Henry eagerly stating that he did due to him 'saving the class from the Math Monster', with the whole class subsequently laughing at him. Miss Battle-axe then says that those who are brave and those are not will be determined tomorrow as that day is Injection Day, much to Henry's horror, yelling 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Much later, Henry and Peter are in the bathroom getting ready for bed, Henry still worried about the dreaded Injection Day, Peter assures him that's it's nothing to be nervous about, with Henry retorting that he's not afraid. However when Peter begins to describe the injection process in detail, Henry faints and collapses onto the floor.

The next morning, Henry desperately tried to get his mum to let him stay home from school with numerous false reason, but his mum sees past the fibs and still tells him to go to school. He then tried to switch identities with Peter by wearing each other's outfits and hairstyles in order that Peter takes his place getting the injection, however it fails when Mum immediately recognizes them when she steps into Henry's room.

At school, the class is patiently sitting outside of the nurse's office as numerous screams of terror can be heard inside, Brian opens says that he hopes they don't hit and artery since that could lead to blood loss, gangrene, and possible amputation which horrifies the rest of the class, except Margaret, who believes that it's only a pin prick. The nurse then comes out to the lobby and choses William to get the injection next, who is then dragged into the office while crying profusely. After William, Margaret is chosen next and receives the injection without so much as a scream much to Henry's disappointment. Margaret then begins to scare Henry by telling him how long and scary the needle is just as he is chosen to go next. Henry begins to panic and cry as he's being dragged into the office and soon rest of the class then begins to panic and cry as well. Henry then breaks free from the nurse's grasp and accidentally knocks everyone over and unintentionally injuring the nurse's leg. Henry then get's up and orders everyone to run for their lives.

The rest of the class immediately run out of the lobby and into the hallway looking for places to hide. Henry tries to hide in a cupboard, but it's already occupied by Susan. With the nurse in hot pursuit, Henry gives away Susan's location as he runs to find somewhere else to hide. He tries the classroom, but it's occupied by Ralph, Josh, and Linda. He then tries the school kitchen but is unable to find a hiding spot, however he does find a baguette on a nearby table and suddenly has an idea. The school nurse finally catches up him and Henry willingly goes with her to her office. There he tries to use the baguette in order to fool the nurse into injecting the bread instead of his arm, however this fails when he accidentally places it up the wrong arm and is unable to switch the bread in time. The nurse then prepares the injection which causes Henry to become highly anxious and sweat profusely, the nurse notices this and after checking his forehead, she deems him to unwell to receive an injection much to Henry's relief who then begins to exaggerate his symptoms so that he can stay home.

At home, Henry is living his best life staying at home, not going to school, having ice cream in bed, and best of all . . . no injection! However his mother has called a home-based medical doctor over to check up on Henry and after looking over his symptoms, the doctor says that there's only one cure for this condition, which just so happens to be an injection, a terrified Henry yells 'Noooo!!!', ending the episode.



  • This is the first episode when Miss Battle-Axe transforms in this episode.
    • This is also the first episode when another character transforms other than Henry.
  • When Henry imagines him winning in Olympics, in the background, you can see some cameos of Margaret's Mum and Dad, Tetchy Tess, Crabby Chris, Jolly Joe, an Unnamed Girl, and Mad Martin in the audience.
  • When Peter dresses up as Henry, the wig looks similar to Miss Battle-Axe's hair.


There are currently 4 errors in the episode Horrid Henry and the Injection. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Nurse Needle looks all around the room, the tree in the corner disappears.
  • When the last chair knocks Nurse Needle's leg, Al was supposed to be sitting on the chair, but he disappeared.
  • When the Maths Monster grabs Rude Ralph and Weepy William, William has Ralph's voice when the Maths Monster grabs him.
  • When Henry says, 'Silence, worm!' and attempts to throw his pillow at Peter, in the next sense the pillow appears behind Henry.


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Horrid Henry and the Injection