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Horrid Henry and the Lost Dog

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7 April 2009 (Tuesday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Allan Plenderleith/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Lost Dog is the fifth episode in Series 2 and the 57th episode overall. The episode received critical acclaim, with some calling it the best Series 2 episode at that point.


Henry finds out the meaning of best friend - but in the end, will his real character be revealed?


Henry finds a dog which calls Basher. They go and see what Margaret and Susan are doing. Henry tells Basher 'Girls' as Basher growls. Margaret asks if Lady Susan wants a custard cream. Susan says yes to Madam Margaret. Henry and Basher lick their tongue out to the picnic, while Margaret and Susan were having and showing a cake as well. Basher goes to get it. Henry tells him not to. Then Henry asks them a joke which Margaret hopes would be good. The joke was, 'What's got 4 legs, 4 eyes and smells of stinky cheese?'. Margaret and Susan don't know as Basher takes the picnic into Henry's garden. Henry says them. Margaret laughs fakely. Margaret and Susan turn around and realize that their picnic was gone. Margaret soon starts to scream.



  • When Margaret screams, 'Where's my picnic?', Susan puts her fingers over her ears.
  • This episode implies that Henry lives in the west.
  • It's unknown how Mum could possibly have mistaked Basher for Ralph as even if she wasn't looking at his face, she should be able to tell by his size.


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  • When Margaret screams, 'Where's my picnic?', she looks smaller than usual.
  • When Henry is running to the Purple Hand Gang Fort at night, the fort is blue instead of purple.


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Horrid Henry And The Lost Dog