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Horrid Henry and the Miserable Musical

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17 October 2015
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Miserable Musical is the fiftieth episode in Series 4 and the 206th episode overall.


What if one day you wake up and all you want to do is sing? Henry finds out what it means to be musical.


The episode begins at the theatre where a musical ends with a romantic song. After leaving the theatre, Ralph states he liked the musical except the last part, but Miss Battle-Axe loved that musical very much that Mr Soggington shows Boudicca two tickets for the musical another night. Much to her surprise, she accepts the ticket. When Boudicca leaves, Mr Soggington notices that a tiny dog is weeing on his shoe, then he screams, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

The next morning, Henry gets woken by Mum along with Fang; however, this time, she sings. Henry is confused, but soon, Peter starts singing. Henry tries to get to the bottom of this and sees Dad cannot find his tie, and he too starts to sing but Henry finds it for him. Dad goes into the kitchen with relief and Henry follows him but he stops the audience from coming inside before shutting the door. When Henry leaves the house, he begins to uncontrollably sing like his family.

As he gets on the school grounds, Ralph surprises him with a fart horn saying 'Gotcha!' in his normal voice, but when Henry starts to explain about his problem, Ralph starts singing. But soon they go to the classroom, Miss Battle-Axe warbles her song about being smart and clever before teaching the students. She also sings who she had a dream, but she also says bad things about the students. But Henry soon sings how she used to be one of them, and then the students start to sing with him.

Miss Battle-Axe soon sends Henry to detention, and Ralph as well. At the office, Henry explains that he and everyone are fed in this life to Miss Oddbod sings as well. Henry sings another song supported by Ralph.

In the hallway, Henry sings about the thing he wants to get out of him. Henry sings how life is tough, especially when as a kid. Henry ends the musical with a final song about only young once, and everyone starts to sing. Henry and Ralph's voices go back to normal, but Ralph wants to finish the musical off with a dance. And finally, they finish the song, ending the episode.



  • This is the only musical episode.
  • Different kinds of music were used in the episode.
  • This episode is the third time Mr Soggington screams, 'Noooo!!!'.


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