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Horrid Henry and the Name Game

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8 April 2009 (Wednesday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Name Game is the ninth episode in Series 2 and the 61st episode overall.


Henry and Peter adopt a cat - or rather, it adopts them - but they just can't decide what to call it.


In this episode, a black cat appears on Horrid Henry's family's doorstep and they adopt it. Henry decides he would like the cat to be named 'Buster', though Perfect Peter would rather it be called 'Tiddles'. Inspired by their parents, Henry and Peter set out to collect votes on which name is most popular. Meanwhile, the cat, struggling to cope with the arguments, leaves their home and Moody Margaret adopts it instead. Henry and Peter see it in her garden and Margaret calls it Fifi. They later discover that the cat was truly a girl, as it gives birth.



Horrid Henry: His name is Buster!

Perfect Peter: No it's not, his name is Tiddles!

Horrid Henry: Buster!

Perfect Peter: Tiddles!

Horrid Henry: BUSTER!

Perfect Peter: TIDDLES!


  • In the Horrid Henry Unlocked podcast, Henry mentions that Margaret ended up naming the kittens in the end.
  • When Henry and Peter had Fifi, she had an orange collar, but when Margaret had her, she had a pink bow. This shows how girly Margaret is, and how much Margaret Loves Pink.


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  • At the beginning of the episode where Mum wants Henry to get up, Henry says, 'But it's Sunday. No school today, remember?', but when Henry and Peter collect votes to see what the cat's name is, Horrid Henry writes The Queen, Dad says, 'Are you telling me that Her Majesty The Queen walked down our road this Saturday morning?'
  • When Margaret tells Henry and Peter that Fifi was living with her, Henry's house is darker than usual.


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Horrid Henry and the Name Game