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21 July 2012
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Written by
Alan MacDonald/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the New Best Friend is the thirty-seventh episode in Series 3 and the 141st episode overall.


Henry finds a new best friend - Nasty Nicola. But that's not the friend he wants!


The episode begins with Miss Battle-Axe introducing a new girl to her class named Nicola. She sees that Henry was asleep, so Miss Battle-Axe shouts at him to wake him up. Everyone laughs at him when he woke up. Nicola chose Henry to be her new best friend for a day. With that, Henry screams, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

His classmates whisperto each other saying Henry's got a girlfriend. Nicola is thought to be nice at first, but she is later proved to be nasty like sermons. While Henry and his friends are in detention for hiding in the bins in the playground, Miss Battle-Axe ask Peter and the best boys to look after Nicola. Nicola frames and blame Henry for two incidents that she purposely did: picking one of Miss Oddbod's prized petunias and worst of all, she steals the lunch of Andrew, William, Graham and herself, then she puts them in his lunchbox.

During break time, Henry meets his friends on the climbing frame with Nicola who doesn't want to skip with the girls so he suggest they play a game of Hide and Seek. While Nicola starts counting, the four boys hide behind the bin but she sees Bert and tip-toes over to them. Nicola just stood and listened to Boys voice as they complain about the bins hoping she won't find them. The school bells rings and everyone goes inside including Nicola who left the boys hiding outside. In the classroom, Nicola tells Miss Battle-Axe where Henry is and she sends Margaret to get him. Nicola tells Miss B that Ralph, Al and Bert are with Henry so she sends Susan to go with Margaret.

In the science room, Ralph sees Nicola through the window twice while holding Henry's lunch box and tries to tell him but Mr Soggington gives them both double detention making them miss lunch before letting Al and Bert go.

Later, Brainy Brian and Peter prove Henry's innocence and find Nasty Nicola guilty to Miss Oddbod. Nicola screams, 'Noooo!!!' and then leaves the school. In the playground, Henry remarks that he is better off hanging with his old best friends and high fives them including the audience ending the episode.



  • The storyline is entirely set in the school. This storyline resulted in the second absence of Mum and Dad, and nobody shouts, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!' in the episode either. However, Miss Oddbod shouts, 'Such a horrid boy!'.
  • The Packed Lunch Room returned in this episode and also made its last appearance.
  • There are some unknown students and one untold teacher in the background during the assembly room.
    • Stuck-Up Steve also appeared there, most likely erroneously as he is 14 and would therefore be in secondary school. Or it could simply be a lookalike.


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