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Horrid Henry and the Perfect Pirate Parade

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3 September 2012
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Perfect Pirate Parade is the thirty-first episode in Series 2 and the 83rd episode overall.


While Henry and Ralph are playing pirates, Margaret tries to make hers the best.


This episode begins with Henry and Ralph playing pirates and they says "Purple Hand Gang Pirates rule!" in his fort. However Margaret and Susan hear them and she had a plan. At school, Jolly Josh told Henry about Margaret's Secret Club Pirate Parade but he never heard about it then Josh said everyone is going except him. With that, Henry shouts "NOOOOO!!!" opening the title card.

In the second sense, Henry sees a lot of party stuff and Margaret's parents came to take them inside their house then he volunteered to help out and asked them a favor to ban their daughter from having a Secret Club Pirate Parade but they asked him to repeat when Margaret shows up and her mom told her what he said so she denies it so Henry declared the Purple Hand Pirates rule but Margaret says: 'Secret Club Pirates Rule, OK!' Henry angrily throws the party on the ground and marches up to Margaret but her mom takes her inside with Henry making an annoyed face.

Inside, Peter told Henry that he's been invited to Margaret's Secret Club Parade next door which happening this weekend with everybody going and of course Secret Club Pirate rule, OK which Henry replied and he agreed. Henry says to the audience 'Purple Hand Gang Pirates, OK!'. In the kitchen, Henry told Mum and Dad that they are leaving this weekend and will tell Peter about it. Although Mum did not know what he was saying and reveals that it's Peter's poetry competition and Henry says 'So?'.

In his room, Peter was practicing his words and Henry comes in to watch him and told his brother that wanted to see how it was going which Peter says it's perfectly fine and he says it can be tricky during public like forget his word, trip over or be booed off so he gently pushes out to see Mum. Henry started to grab a ruler pretend it's a sword and being a pirate now that his plan worked. However, it backfired when Mum told Henry that Peter will not be booed off at the poetry competition and leaves with his brother, Henry turns to the audience after his plan was a failure.

In his room, Henry was reading about pirates when he imagines Brave Blackheart the pirate talking to him about putting a pirate curse on all enemies which gave him a Eureka moment. Margaret was her room writing in a book when a key ring with a skull was thrown into her window scaring her. Margaret hears a voice from outside saying 'Beware the curse of Blackheart' so she hurries to her garden to look around. She spots a pirate flag with a skull and crossbones and trips over two swords then Henry shows up which she would have figured. Henry says the Curse of Blackheart which Margaret didn't believe so he tells her a story that happened a long, long time ago about Brave Blackheart the fearless pirate (Henry as him).

He was burying his treasure when a Secret Club Pirate pirates appears holding a gun and ties up Blackheart to a tree on the island as she rows off with his treasure. Henry told Margaret that anyone being with M, pretends to be a pirate will suffer terrible consequences such as hair falling out, arms dropping off and their face being green and melty making scream and cry. Henry's family arrives and Margaret's mum comes to comfort her daughter who tells them all what Henry said about SC Pirates being doomed. Mum chides to Henry for saying such terrible things but Henry says it's the pirate curse not him which she didn't believe such stuff. As Margaret was taken inside by her mother, Mum calls Henry to come home now so he does. Henry sees Margaret smiling seeing she pretended the whole thing which made him really annoyed.

The next day, Henry complains to Mum it's unfair that Margaret wants to be a pirates since she's a girl for starters but Mum still doesn't know what he's saying and said that girls make very good pirates which he disagrees. Henry imagines making Margaret walk the plank off his ship. The secret club pirate parade had begun and Henry comes with a new plan to crash Margaret's party by dressing as a pirate using flour and ketchup then calls himself Brave Blackheart.

Henry sneaks into Margaret's garden where everyone in their class are dressed as pirates too. Margaret's Mum brought some pirates maps for everybody for the treasure hunt, Margaret reads the first riddles which is behind the sofa in her house and they all ran off expect for Greedy Graham who was eating some cake shaped like a pirate ship and Peter was reading his map when Henry also known as The ghost of Brave Blackheart to rid some pesky pretend pirates so Peter gives his map and he runs away saying he has been hijacked.

Henry reads the map and spots a pirate ship in cake form then scares Graham away. He walks 10 paces below Margaret's treehouse then he digs up the treasure with a shovel, he picks the chest up and opens it revealing chocolate coins and a necklace which he now says he's rich. Henry soon starts packing the loot in his shirt where Margaret comes out and calls everyone over until she catches Henry red-handed. They all started chasing Henry as he runs back to his garden and shuts the fence tight while carrying the treasure in his shirt.

Margaret knocks on the fence while Henry shouts 'Purple Hand Gang Pirates Rule, OK!' and laughs when Mum confronts him and she asked him what he's done to Dad's best shirt but before he can explain, she picks a chocolate gold coin which Henry claims it's Purple Hand Gang pirate treasure but Mum thinks it's Secret Club pirate treasure and declares it a officially confiscated. Mum orders Henry to hand over all of the treasure to her but he screams, 'NOOOOOOOOOO!!!' ending the episode.



  • This episode could be a reference to Perfect Peter's Pirate Party.
  • This is the only episode where Moody Margaret appeared crying, although she was pretending.
  • This episode was produced far later than the rest of Series 2 and nearer to Series 3, hence why the Horrid Henry splat doesn't wriggle around on the title card and that 'and the' is capitalized. Despite that, it still displays a copyright date of 2009 and is in Novel's own personal production order for Series 2.
  • This is the second episode featuring Dad's best shirt. The first was Horrid Henry's Fairy Dance.


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Horrid Henry And The Perfect Pirate Parade