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Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant

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22 February 2009 (Sunday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Toby Rushton/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant is the twelfth episode in Series 2 and the 64th episode overall.


Peter and Henry are playing at being gardeners, but the results are disastrous when nature starts to take over. Henry has a nightmare about Peter's plant wanting to eat him.


Henry has a crazy nightmare about a man-eating plant that Peter took care of.

The nightmare starts with the doorbell ringing and Peter coming to get it. Gordan asks Peter how his plant is. Peter shows them the plant. Sam says something about it. Gordon wonders how can it grow so big. Peter says to feed it with nutritious food and he has been reading poetry. Mum soon comes and asks if there going to play any games. Peter says yes and asks the boys what they should play. Sam suggests Hide and Seek. Mum says, 'How lovely!' and asks if she should put the plant in the room. Peter says yes and says that he and Sam are seekers and Gordon is the hider. Gordon says, 'Goodie.'.

The boys start counting as Gordon goes upstairs and goes into Peter's room. He then screams and gets eaten by the plant. The boys finish counting and look for him. Sam looks in Peter's room and also screams and gets eaten by the plant. Peter wonders if he's in the cushion whilst Henry is sleeping. Henry soon wakes up. Henry moans that some of us are napping. Peter asks if he has seen Sam and Gordon. Henry says no, saying that the only thing he can see is the inside of his eyelids. Henry says he wants some sleep. He tells Peter to get out. Peter goes into his room, and everything is fine. Henry tells the plant that it's nearly feeding time and walks out.

The plant soon transforms into a man-eating plant and opens the window. Henry soon hears Moody Margaret and gets curious. So he walks to the window. He first looks straight. Then to the right. Moody Margaret is then seen saying, 'Get off I said!'. Her right leg is then seen caught with the plant and then her whole body. She goes into the air and starts to scream. Henry soon looks shocked and the plant eats Margaret off-screen. Henry wonders if he's dreaming or not.



  • The man-eating plant is possibly a reference to Audrey II from the musical, Little Shop of Horrors or Naval Piranha from the Mario series.
  • Margaret could've tried to escape the man-eating plant, but she didn't.
  • This is the only episode when the boys appeared without Tidy Ted.


There are currently 3 errors in the episode Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Gordon asks how Peter's plant is doing, his jumper is red, the same colour as Peter's.
  • Margaret shouted, 'Get off of me!' before the plant had even caught her leg.
  • When the plant had got Margaret's leg, there are two circles wrapped around her leg. In the next scene, there are three.


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Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant