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25 February 2007 (Sunday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
John Brennan

Horrid Henry and the Secret Club (episode) is the thirtieth episode in Series 1 and the 30th episode overall.


A day of dares and challenges is declared to decide which is better - The Purple Hand Gang or The Secret Club!


Margaret was not letting Susan in the Secret Club if she knows the Secret Club password. Henry said, 'Nunga' and tells them the password. Margaret got mad and blamed Susan because she probably tells Henry the password. Susan was telling Margaret not to let Henry in, while Margaret said it in the rule book and said the password 'Nunga Nu'. Henry went to Margaret's playhouse and Margaret and Susan had a plan together. Henry was grabbing Margaret's biscuits. Margaret tells Henry he's in and to get out. Henry says she can't pass the Purple Hand Gang security that easy. Then Susan went to Henry's Purple Hand Gang fort and Margaret tells Henry to have more biscuits. Henry went back to his Purple Hand Gang fort, and he tells Peter, but he was gone. Henry got very shocked when he saw all of his biscuits are gone. He saw the tiny paper of the Secret Club logo, and he shouts, 'NOOOOOOO!' opening the title card.

Henry ties up Peter and punishes him with the water holes. Peter said it was his fault who found out Margaret's password, but Henry said he still gets the punishment. Peter said that Susan was getting a glass of water and she and Peter just realized. Henry was ready for Peter to get punished by the water hose, then Margaret and Susan pour a bucket of water on Henry's head. Henry got very mad and went to Margaret's back yard again. Susan got scared and Margaret said it's only just water but Henry said it's 'Turbo powered water!'. Margaret and Susan ran away from the water holes and got wet. Mum came to the backyard and said to Henry why he always has to be so horrid. Mum asks Henry, 'Why can't you be nice to Peter?' while she was untying Peter. Margaret and Susan accidentally pour water on Henry's mum and Peter.

Henry grabs his Purple Hand Gang flag and went to tell Mum that he didn't start. Mum told Henry to play nicely. Margaret asked was the matter. Henry tells Margaret that he's worried if he's not good. Mum will get rid of the Purple Hand Gang fort, and plant more vegetables. Margaret thinks that vegetables can't join his gang. Henry said her club is stinkier, pooper, scooper, and everyone knows the Purple Hang Gang is best. Margaret tells him to prove it, and Henry thinks she should challenge him, so Margaret challenges him.



  • This episode marks Fang's first appearance. As such, he looks different than the other episodes.
  • There is a version of this episode on YouTube in which two of the errors were fixed. The background when Henry screamed was fixed, and when he left the house through the back door, he was holding the Purple Hand flag, fixing the error as he was originally holding the Secret Club flag. These are also fixed on the DVD version. However, these errors are still present in the TV version.
  • The reason why Margaret let Henry eat all of her biscuits is that she ate all of his.
  • This is one of the seven episodes where Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret both lose throughout the episode. The others are Horrid Henry's School Fair, Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick, Horrid Henry's Aquarium, Horrid Henry Gets a Job,Perfect Peter, Popstar and Horrid Henry on TV.
  • It is unclear who actually won as they both got trapped on the Purple Hand fort flagpole in the end, following Margaret's attempted attack on Henry's fort as Henry and Peter were celebrating their 'victory'.


There are currently 6 errors in the episode Horrid Henry and the Secret Club (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Henry screams Noooo!!! to open the episode, the background changed.
  • When Henry leaves the house through the back door, he is holding the Secret Club flag instead of the Purple Hand flag.
  • When Henry and Margaret were on the flag pole and Henry screams, 'Noooo!!!', his mouth movements don't match.
  • When Henry shouts, 'Stop!' for the second time, half of his hair is his skin colour.
  • If Henry and Margaret swapped glops and gave them to Peter and Susan, they would've given the yuckiest glop to the wrong person.
  • When Susan says, 'Let the battle commence!', The Secret Club flag has a red circle on it.

Differences from the book

  • The storyline of the episode differs from that of the book:
    • In the book, after Henry invades the Secret Club, he sets a trap above the entrance to the club tent with a bucket of water above the entrance. Unfortunately Margaret has the same idea and rigs the Purple Hand fort in the same way, which ends with Peter and Susan falling into the traps.
    • In the episode, after Henry invades the Secret Club, he argues with Margaret over whose club is best. This leads to a series of challenges being held to determine which club is superior.
  • In the episode, Susan raids the Purple Hand fort in return for Henry raiding the Secret Club tree house. This doesn't happen in the book. Consequently, in the book, Henry doesn't punish Peter for letting Susan in, instead he punishes him for arguing that he should have raided the Secret Club instead of Henry.
  • Henry doesn't attempt to spray Peter with the hose in the book, he simply banishes him from the club. Therefore, he doesn't spray Margaret and Susan in the book either.


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