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Horrid Henry and the Single Sock Saga

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15 November 2014
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Single Sock Saga is the eleventh episode in Series 4 and the 167th episode overall.


Henry is put on his least favourite chore, sock sorting, and there is a thief about, who is keeping Henry from achieving his goal of watching his favourite film.


Henry is seen in the basement classing socks on an afternoon like this, and Fang was helping him out. Henry then throws Happy Hippo pants on Fang by accident. He puts them behind the washing machine, but then he finds a missing sock, and he explains to the audience about the situation, which means No Gross Class Breakout and shouts 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry looks in the machine, but it's not in there, so he puts in the basket, and Fang jumps in. Henry brings the basket to Mum, who was in the kitchen, but he makes a mess. Mum praises Henry for his hard work and lets him watch TV before tea time. Peter was already in the living room watching when Henry comes in and sits down, making the remote fly out of his hands. Fang catches it and changes the channel, then hides behind Henry. Peter runs it to tell Mum, and then she comes blocking his view showing the sock she found in the basket. She asked Henry with the other one before switching the TV off. Mum wants Henry to look for the other one or No TV for him and leaves. Peter turns the channel to Number Gnomes Detectives. Henry and Fang fall asleep until the doorbell rings, Henry wakes up, and he wondered who it is, and Peter doesn't know much for Henry's judgement about being a detective. Henry hears Prissy Polly and Vomiting Vera at the door talking to Mum.

Henry was back in the basement and presents the audience with a little flashback about Polly telling Mum about an emergency situation and gives Vera to Mum and asked him to be her little helper. Henry holds a sock and told Vera they need the other one. She searches until she finds one and two more pairs. Peter is carrying a magnifying glass, and he asks Henry if they're playing a game, and Henry said, 'No!'.

Henry shows Vera the stripy sock they need to find. Peter volunteers to help out with his Number Gnomes detective skills. He looks at the blue striped sock that Henry's holding with his magnifying glass, which Henry knows that. When Peter looks at Vera, he moves as she coughs and vomits on the screen, and Henry wipes it off with the purple socks and apologizes to the audience. Peter explains to Henry that the calculation of the case to 95% thinking it might be dirty, though Henry still doesn't get it. Vera puts the laundry in the washing machine, which gave Henry a Eureka moment and suggested they should wash everything, so they smell the same. Henry asked Peter to help, but he goes to find another mystery to solve, saying it's elementary.

Henry puts the purple socks covered in vomit inside too. Vera hands him a box of soap to put in. Henry stops Vera from leaving because they needed to find the blue stripy sock, but she wanted to play. Henry crawls the floor like a horse, and Vera rides on his back, but then Henry gets tired. Vera vomits on the laundry basket, and Henry gets another one, and they put all the washing in it.

Vera looks through the washing and looks at Fang suspiciously, and Henry asked him about the sock. Fang runs off as Henry and Vera chase him upstairs, then Henry stops and spots Peter looking for something with his magnifying glass such as a carpet dong beetle. Henry goes up, and Peter follows him trying to find the sock. As they enter Henry's room, Vera shows them Fang in his cage with the missing sock.

At tea time, Henry told his family that Fang took one of his socks because he needed something cozy to use as a bed. It was a clean one. Peter thinks it's sweet, and Henry thinks it's a bit weird too. Peter thinks Fang loves Henry and Fluffy loves him as well. Henry believes the reason is they have Fish Fingers for tea, but Peter denies and says he hasn't seen his happy hippo pants for ages and amuses Fluffy took them, and she runs off, Peter calls her a naughty cat. Henry puts his finger on his lips and winks secretly to the audience ending the episode.



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