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Horrid Henry and the Special Spinner

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22 July 2011 (Friday)
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Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Special Spinner is the second episode in Series 3 and the 106th episode overall. It is one of the two special episodes, along with Horrid Henry, Rockstar!, that aired on the CITV Channel shortly before the release of Horrid Henry: The Movie.


Mum & Dad take all of Henry's belongings for watching Too Cool for School without doing his homework. Henry gets a special spinner as a reward, and he learns a special move from Great Aunt Greta.


Henry was playing music on the radio and Mum tells him if he's done his homework. She goes to Peter's room and knows he has done his homework. He gets ready to watch Too Cool For School. But then, Dad came in and tells Henry saying: 'No TV, Henry!'. He knows watching TV on the computer isn't technically the same as watching TV. He watches Too Cool For School on the computer, but Mum and Dad came in. Mum tells Henry to go to his room since it's bedtime. He hasn't done his homework so they banned him from TV, computer and music for a week, a month, a year. Henry screams, 'Noooo!!!', showing the title card.

When Henry was leaving the toilet, he turns off the light, but Peter tells him he is still brushing his teeth. Then, he saw Mum carrying some Gross Class Zero comics and she says she'll be looking at it for a while. Then, he can see Dad taking his boombox and his CDs. This made Henry scream, 'That's not fair!'. Although, they didn't take his pet hamster, Fang, with them due to the noise he made at night.

Peter saw Henry sorting out his gizmos and tells Mum. Mum comes in and tells Henry he's not supposed to do that. She takes them all away and gives him spoons to polish. Dad gives Henry a yo-yo called a special spinner. Henry tries the special spinner out but he couldn't do it until Great Aunt Greta shows him how and she did an amazing trick with it.

At school, Henry impressed everyone with the trick on the yoyo he learnt. New Nick and his Dad were amazed and he thinks it's nice to play toys than other stuff. Nick's father asked Henry to be in his documentary and he agreed.

At home, Henry noticed his family are not in the living room, so he went to find them. Henry saw Peter in his room sorting out his gizmos and then he saw Mum reading his comics and Dad dancing while listening to the music. Henry then turns off the boombox. Dad tells Henry that the music is too loud, and Mum tells Henry that she's reading the latest Gross Class Zero Comic and tells him they're good. Henry tells Mum is she going to come and watch Henry on TV, or not, but Mum says that she needs to finish the story first. Henry then says, 'Parents.'.

The family ran and watched Henry on TV, and they were proud to him on TV for doing something inspirational. In his room, Mum and Dad saw Henry, playing with all his confiscated things. They were cross, but Henry was glad to have his stuff back and winks at the audience, ending the episode.



  • This is the first episode to feature the 'a Week, a Month, a Year' punishment threat, which would later be used in some Series 4 and 5 episodes.
  • Henry's Series 1 'Noooo!!!' is reused in this episode.


The transcript can be found here.

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