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1 November 2011
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Tickly Treats Thief is the fifteenth episode in Series 3 and the 119th episode overall. The episode was panned by critics for its story, script, lack of humour, Henry getting blamed for something he didn't do, and for being derivative of episodes of other TV shows which feature a similar plot, with many calling it one of the worst episodes of Series 3 alongside Horrid Henry's Unhappy Day, which was broadcast 6 days later.


Mum's Tickly Treats are disappearing, and Henry gets the blame. Can he and Fang prove that the thief is truly Fluffy?


Henry wants to go on the computer, but Peter is trying to choose a bell for Fluffy. Mum heads in and starts dusting, and both Peter and Mum decide that Fluffy is indeed a special cat. Fluffy then chooses the bell herself for Peter, and Henry prays for his turn on the computer. Fluffy, however, nods his head in disagreement, and Henry yells 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry then gets sent to his room, and Fluffy decides on a pink bell. He criticizes Fluffy, and his tummy starts rumbling, so he heads off to the kitchen with Fang and eats a few of Mum's Tickly Treats. Fluffy, however, is watching and is up to something when Henry goes back upstairs.

Henry then is woken up to Mum's yelling, and Peter tells him that he ate all the Tickly Treats. Henry is concerned with Fang if he did eat them all or not. Mum is furious with Henry and knows already that he is the only other person who would eat them. Henry still feels confused with the situation, to which Mum just gets angrier and yells at him to get his clothes on.

At night, Henry and Fang decide to go undercover. Henry tells him that the packet was left on the counter and not in the cupboard where Henry last left them. The two decide that the main victim is Fluffy. The scene cuts to Peter yelling 'Noooo!!!', and Mum heads in. When Henry attempts to blame the missing Tickly Treats on Fluffy, Mum scolds Henry and tells that Fluffy is an 'Innocent Cat', and that he is even more horrid than she thought. Peter then bursts into tears, and Henry gets sent to his room.

Early the following morning, Henry creeps downstairs to watch out for Fluffy. He then falls asleep and misses out on Fluffy eating another bag again. When he does get upstairs, Mum yells at Henry to come down, and Henry knows he's in for it. She asks Henry if he went down in the night. Henry tries to deny it was him, but he realizes he accidentally left his slippers downstairs, so Henry gets sent to his room for the rest of the day.

In his room, Henry is reading comics, and Fluffy is outside, feeling quite smug that she's getting away with the whole thing. Peter comes through and accuses Henry of trying to mess around with Fluffy, and so Henry turns into his Horrid Dinosaur form and scares Peter. After Mum scolds Henry again, Peter and Fluffy go downstairs, who the letter pokes her tongue out at Henry.

Later that night, Henry is sleeping and is woken up the sound of Fluffy's bell. Henry climbs down and finds out Fluffy certainly was the Tickly Treats thief after all, but he knows that Mum wouldn't believe him until a flash from a camera happens, thanks to Fang. Fluffy is furious and tries to go after Fang and Henry, but the two make it into their room just in time. Mum wonders if Fluffy made all the noise downstairs, and gives a frown at Henry, admitting defeat.

The following morning, Henry is looking at the camera, and Mum sounds even more furious than before, so Henry happily comes down and shows her the camera that Fluffy was the proof. Fluffy comes out of her cat flap thinking that Henry would get into trouble, but both him and Mum scowl at her, so Fluffy comes back out again. Mum wonders what they are going to do with Fluffy because she's greedy and couldn't believe she ate another bag of tickly treats. Henry, however, admits that Fluffy didn't eat them all, and Henry runs off to his room.

In his room, Henry asks Fang where the rest of the Tickly Treats are, to which he reveals them in his hamster bowl to Henry. Henry says to the audience 'Who's the greedy one now?' as Fang eats the tickly treats, ending the episode.



  • This episode is the first time Henry got sent to his room three times; Henry gets no Christmas present and screams 'Noooo!!!' four times later in Horrid Henry and the Early Christmas Present.
  • This episode shows Mum at her angriest.
  • Moral: Do not falsely accuse somebody of doing something that they didn't do. (Even if said person has a bad reputation)


There are currently 2 errors in the episode Horrid Henry and the Tickly Treats Thief. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When the flashback shows Fluffy looking at Henry, it is daytime despite the flashback taken place at night.
  • When Henry goes to his room, the heart on a cup on top of the desktop turns white instead of its usual red.


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