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Horrid Henry and the Tongue Twisters

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20 September 2015
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Tongue Twisters is the forty-second episode in Series 4 and the 198th episode overall.


There is nothing Henry likes more than a good tongue twister, but it seems that a life-long foe likes them too.


The episode sets at the outside of the house where the relatives of the family bring presents to the house. Henry hears the doorbell while reading and informs Peter. Peter is heard singing and tells Henry that his public can wait. Peter then says another phrase, which Henry does not want to know until he asks Peter who then tells him he wouldn't tell him even though he don't know himself. Henry yells: 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry is in his room disappointed with Fang. Mum calls him to come downstairs to see Great Aunt Greta, who gives him Toffee Tongue Twisters. Rich Aunt Ruby and Stuck-Up Steve come, and Steve asks for a toffee tongue twister, which Henry refuses to give one.

Henry goes to have some pre-party snacking until the doorbell rings by Miss Lovely, who came to the party. Henry tries to have some food until he is interrupted by Peter, who wants him to play Tiddlywinks. Fluffy begins to eat the food hidden behind Henry's back. Peter gets suspicious and asks him about him not trying to eat the food. Henry asks him why he'd do that. Peter responds that he is horrid, and Mum tells Henry to show his hands, but the last bite of food left gets eaten by Fluffy.

Peter asks Henry to say he is a tip-top tiddlywinks, but Henry, not embarrassing himself, says it quieter. He then begins to unintentionally yell it, which makes an echo, and the family in the lounge laugh. Henry joins in on the party and soon does not notice Steve sneaking out. Peter starts to sing Buttercups and Daisies to everyone before tea. Miss Lovely calls him 'Lovely Peter' and Henry copies her but Mum angrily says 'Don't Be Horrid, Henry!'.

When Henry leaves for a tongue twister, he sees that the food has been gobbled into morsels with a bloated Fluffy and also finds the tongue twisters opened with wrappers on the floor. At first, he thinks Fluffy ate them, but he notices a trail of wrappers and finds out that Steve is the culprit, and Aunt Ruby comes to intervene.

Henry tells that Steve had stolen the sweets, but Aunt Ruby insists Henry was lying until she finds out that Steve has hiding under the stairs. She takes him by the hand and leaves without any compensation taking Steve home to most likely punish him for this action. Henry, now disappointed, soon gets his smile back when Miss Lovely has another box of tongue twisters, and Henry eats them.

Mum soon finds the food debris in the kitchen and shouts, 'HENRY!'. Henry goes to hide under the stairs and eats the sweets, says, 'Hmm, Lovely Tongue Twisters!', and laughs, ending the episode.



  • Henry's eyes fade away, and the end credits fade out.
  • This is the first episode when Stuck-Up Steve gets punished.


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