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2 November 2009 (Monday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Dan Berlinka/ Andy Williams/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang is the twenty-eighth episode in Series 2 and the 80th episode overall.


Henry discovers that old age is no excuse for good behaviour! He and Wrinkly Ron use Double Drencher 1s to defeat the Hush-Hush Sisters.


In this episode, Peter was collecting cans for Giving Week, but Henry wasn't. Peter told him that it was for a good cause because whoever brings the most stuff gets to take the old people's home and spend all afternoon listening to their stories. That also means you get to miss lessons so Henry picks some more cans and takes the bag Peter was using.

At school, Henry notices Moody Margaret has more bags than him. Henry takes her second bag, and Miss Oddbod chose him and Margaret since they send a boy and a girl, which means the two of them will go together. They both yell, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Outside the school, Miss Oddbod told Henry and Margaret that they will be representing the school, and if there's any bad behaviour, they will be severely punished. Margaret walks on, leaving Henry carrying both bags. Henry tells the audience that when he's king, he won't carry anything, then afterwards he'll drop the bags off and go to the park to read his comic.

Henry and Margaret meet Caring Chris and a bunch of old people too while going on the tour. Henry suggested he should be off now, but Chris tells him to spend time with the others for a while, much to Henry's apathy. Henry reads his comic when Wrinkly Ron (Ralph's grandad) comes and asked him a question about Mutant Max. Chris comes back and reads it. Chris declared it's time for entertainment.

Old Olive plays the piano while Margaret does ballet in a Pink Tutu, and Henry tries to escape, but Chris stops him, so he sings an old favourite by the Killer Boy Rats, which everyone amused except for Chris. Henry heads off until Wrinkly Ron calls him over and tells him that he's the leader of the Purple Walking Stick Gang but the only member left. Henry was impressed and told him that he's the leader of the Purple Hand Gang. Ron asked him to help defeat the Hush-Hush sisters using the original double trenchers, so Henry agrees to help.

Henry and Ron both charged in and saw Margaret joining forces, and they all start a water fight. Henry squirts water at Chris. Margaret looks around and blames Henry for this mess. Back at school, Margaret tells Miss Oddbod it was Henry's fault. Henry denies this, but Miss Oddbod told him that Chris wants to see him after school.

Chris lets Henry inside. The old people gave him a surprise party to say thank you for having the most fun ever. Wrinkly Ron asks Henry, 'What do you say?'. Henry eyeballs some cakes and drinks, and he gleefully yells, 'THANK YOU!', ending the episode.



  • Throughout this episode, Great Aunt Greta and Mother Battle-Axe are seen in the care home. It is unknown why they (especially Great Aunt Greta) didn't recognize Henry.
    • This is most likely because they were being used as background characters.
  • Great Aunt Greta was likely visiting a friend in the old people's home, as she has been shown living independently in a bungalow.
  • In this episode Henry sings "Nah Nah Ne Nah Nah", which is the theme song for series 1 and 2.
  • This episode is the first time the Pink Tutu has been worn with a pink skirt.


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  • In the end, when Henry looks at the cakes on the table in front of him, Old Olive's dress changes colour from purple to orange.


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