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1 September 2011 (Thursday)
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Written by
Lucinda Whiteley/ Alan MacDonald

Horrid Henry and the Weird Werewolf is the third episode in Series 3 and the 107th episode overall.


There is a full moon and Henry knows that is when the werewolves come out to play. Peter is worried about having hairy hands.


Perfect Peter is watching Happy Hippos on the TV, when Horrid Henry sneaks inside and changes over to Weird Werewolves. The brothers begin to fight over what to watch and yank the TV remote. Peter is upset and screams for Mum yet again, and Mum announces that it's Peter's turn to watch TV, resulting in Henry yelling, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry decides to get his own back on Peter by convincing him that Happy Hippos are certainly Weird Werewolves in disguise. Peter at first doesn't believe him, which prompts Henry to ask him if he's seen Happy Hippos at night. Peter responds with a 'no' since he's not allowed to watch TV at night.

Henry scares his brother into believing him by baring his claws like a Weird Werewolf and speaking in a scary voice, and also growling. Peter begins to imagine the Happy Hippos as Weird Werewolves and runs out of the living room.

That night, Peter discovers Henry reading a book - one called 'The Werewolf Spotters' Guide to Spotting Weird Werewolves'. It's truly one Henry stuck over with a Weird Werewolf on the front cover. Henry then notices that Peter's hair is curly, and frightens him even more by telling him that curly hair is the first sign of turning into a Weird Werewolf. Other signs include itchy hands and sharp teeth. Peter decides to skip brushing his teeth, worried that he's turning into a werewolf.

At bedtime, Peter imagines himself as a werewolf and believes Henry after all.

Henry tells Peter that Fangle juice from the rare Fingle Fangle tree' can cure him, but only if he gives him £2. As Peter searches for his money box, Henry makes his 'Fangle juice' out of chocolate milk. He re-enters his room, and Peter hands him his two pounds, only for Henry to reply that it will only work if Peter believes in Weird Werewolves. Peter believes, and then drinks the juice. He then feels much better.

However, Henry points out that the Fangle juice may not be working, and that Peter's hair is getting curlier. Peter gets even more frightened. Henry advises him not to go to sleep to avoid turning into a werewolf at the full moon.

Peter discovers Mum and Dad downstairs, and he asks if he can watch television. Mum reminds him that it's way past his bedtime. Peter asks for a bedtime story, and Dad accepts.

Upstairs, Peter is feeling quite relaxed by 'Little Red Riding Hood', but when Dad gets to the part with the big bad wolf, he changes his mind, and asks Dad if Weird Werewolves exist. Dad doesn't believe in them.

Peter asks Henry to stay up with him, and Henry reluctantly agrees. Henry suggests that Peter gets lots of supplies to stay awake all night, such as the Tickly Treats Mum keeps in the kitchen. Peter is worried, for he could get caught. Henry makes him go anyway.

Afterwards, Henry sneakily turns forward the time on Peter's alarm clock to trick him into believing it's nearly the morning. He puts on his werewolf gloves, which completely frightens Peter. Henry takes Peter's Curse of the Mummy kit as his little brother sleeps in the parents' room.

Henry sleeps all night with the gloves on, and is frightened himself when he discovers that he is still wearing them, leading him to believe that he's turning into a werewolf. Henry yells, 'NOOOOO!!!', ending the episode.



  • The fangle juice Henry gives to Peter is just chocolate milk.
  • Unless Happy Hippos and Weird Werewolves count as characters, this is an episode with just Henry, Peter, Mum and Dad appearing in.


The transcript can be found here.

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