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Jolly Josh is a boy in Henry's class. He loves to play practical jokes on other people for a laugh. He is a minor character in the series. He first appeared in Horrid Henry's School Fair. However, although he's male, he doesn't appear to be a member of the Purple Hand Gang.

Jolly Josh sits next to Moody Margaret.

Aidan Cook voices him.


Physical appearance

Josh appears to have dark brown hair and tan skin.


He wears a red stripy shirt, yellow trousers, and blue shoes. He wears long red socks.


Josh is always jolly, happy, and loves to play practical jokes on others.


Horrid Henry

He is one of Henry's friends, showing in Horrid Henry Tidies Up. He helped Henry get a star by using his tricks to make Peter's room messy. In Horrid Henry's Hiccups, he helps Henry get rid of his hiccups by dropping his pocket money in the sewer, but it failed. In Horrid Henry Happy Birthday Steve!, he was invited in Henry's house to watch the Ashton Athletic match. In Horrid Henry and the School Uniform, he teams up with Henry to get his stuff back. In Horrid Henry's House Party, Al heard that a pizza party was in Henry's house, so he requested Jolly Josh, Beefy Bert, and Greedy Graham to the pizza party at Henry's House. In Horrid Henry Gets Spots, he has been as Simon Snotfull from Gross Class Zero.



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