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Lazy Linda is a girl who often sleeps in lessons. She is part of The Secret Club and is friends with most girls in her class, including Moody Margaret and Sour Susan. She speaks with a cockney accent.

She may dislike some boys, but she has been hanging out with Greedy Graham and Horrid Henry in some episodes. She may have some respect for Perfect Peter because she was frowning at Bossy Bill, bullying him in Perfect Peter Pumps Up, but was surprised after Peter has beaten him up. She actually sits next to Henry in class. In Horrid Henry and the Catastrophic Cushion, she works at the post office with her dad as her Saturday job.

Lazy Linda sits next to Horrid Henry.

Emma Tate voices her.


TV series

Physical appearance

Linda has fair skin, rosy cheeks, and messy, mid-length auburn hair.


She wears a green short sleeved polo shirt, a pink button up dungaree dress, frilly, white socks and white and green, grippy trainers.

Horrid Henry: The Movie

Physical appearance

Linda has pale skin, a round chin, and messy, standing up, brown hair.


She wears a frilly, green shirt and a red dress over that.


She is known as being lazy and often falls asleep in class. She sometimes has a little bit of energy in some episodes, but she was Sour Linda in Horrid Henry: Who's Who?. She also talked quite a lot with energy with Margaret at the end of Horrid Henry's Gross Day Out. She is often asleep in her cameo appearances.

She can be sweet sometimes.


  • When she is talking, it mostly includes the word 'like' in it.
  • It is implied Lazy Linda dreams when she is asleep, and that she dreams of maths equations and questions, as in Horrid Henry and the evil mastermind, she woke up immediately knowing nothing about what was going on and simply answered correctly and cleverly.
  • Linda owns two turtles, as shown in Horrid Henry’s pet sitting service


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