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Madame Tutu is the dance and possibly the drama teacher at Ashton Primary School. She first appears in Horrid Henry's Dance Class and speaks in a fake French accent; she actually has an East London accent, as proven several times. She teaches dance students, mostly girls, but also some of the boys like Perfect Peter, Goody-Goody Gordon, Tidy Ted, Spotless Sam, Weepy William and Anxious Andrew. She believes in Henry and encourages him to take part in school productions.

Emma Tate voices her.


Physical appearance

Madame Tutu has long blonde hair pulled into a large bun, pale skin, a large nose, and long eyelashes.


She wears a pink dress with a grey shirt underneath and brown shoes.


Madame Tutu is very bossy, but also polite. She does have faith in her students, and despite Henry (her least favourite student) even offering to leave her class, she chooses for him to stay, showing she wants her students to feel happy with her, and does not hate Henry despite his naughty behaviour.


  • When she is alone with Henry, she talks to him in a British accent. In episodes such as Horrid Henry's Dance Class and Horrid Henry's School Play.
  • Madame Tutu and Slimy Sammy are the only characters that have a French accent in the TV Series, although Sammy's French accent is real, while Madame Tutu's French accent is fake.


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