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Margaret's Mum (or Mrs Smythe) is Moody Margaret's mother. She and her husband spoil Margaret as she always wants to get her way. Margaret's Mum is friends with Mum. She likes Henry, but she does not like his horrid behaviour. She punished Margaret in Moody Margaret Moves In because she was horrid to Peter.

In Horrid Henry on TV, she kindly made Henry loads of cakes for him to try.

In Horrid Henry and the Name Game, she signed for Peter, so Buster's name is Tiddles. However, Margaret stole the kitten and called it Fifi.

Joanna Ruiz voices her.


Physical appearance

Margaret's mum has brown hair and pale skin.


She wears a red waistcoat, a yellow shirt, a brown belt with a gold buckle, a green/yellow skirt, and brown high-heel shoes.


She seems lenient as she gives Margaret anything she desires, although she and Margaret's Dad seemed strict like Henry's parents in Moody Margaret Moves In (episode). Margaret's mum also seems to quite like Henry, even after the events of Horrid Henry on TV. Although Margaret's mum seems to love everything her daughter loves and hate everything her daughter hates, she is very nice to Henry. But this is possibly because she knows her daughter probably has romantic feelings for Henry secretly, or just because Margaret's mum, unlike her daughter, is a generally kind person. She is also close friends with mum, and might look up to her as she finds it easy to stand up to her child, but Henry isn't as difficult and demanding as Margaret.


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