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Boudicca Battle-Axe (aka Miss Battle-Axe or Miss B) is Horrid Henry's teacher at school. She is the secondary antagonist of the books and TV Series and the deuteragonist of Horrid Henry: The Movie. She's very strict (less strict than Mr Nerdon) and she teaches the older students. She always keeps an eye on Henry as he's always horrid. Miss Battle-Axe dislikes the class she teaches and seems to like giving punishments, like detentions. In a few episodes, her mother, Mother Battle-Axe, has appeared, who seems to discipline her daughter greatly. Miss Battle-Axe is Scottish; she speaks with a Scottish accent, and in Horrid Henry Does His Homework, she plays the bagpipes.

Even though she doesn't teach every student in the school, she has given Perfect Peter detention twice like in Perfect Peter's Revenge (which he wasn't happy about). Several episodes also hint at her possibly romantic relationship with Mr Soggington, the school's gym teacher. Aidan Cook voices her.

In a few episodes, she does seem to be proud of Henry. In Horrid Henry Trapped!, she was proud of him and called him a hero for saving his younger brother (Perfect Peter) from falling shelves.


Physical appearance

Miss Battle-Axe appears to have pale skin, brown-grey hair, a pointy nose, rosy cheeks, and green glasses.


She wears a yellow button up shirt, a long, green coat, a maroon skirt, brown tights, and even darker loafers. She also wears green glasses.


She is known as a bad teacher to almost everyone. In Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend, she won two tickets to a football game without her kids. And she was a chemistry teacher in Henry's diary. However, at times she will be fair, such as in Horrid Henry on trial, although usually she is unfair to students she dislikes, mainly Horrid Henry.


  • Slimy Sammy, Perfect Peter, Miss Battle-Axe, and Mrs Crunch are the only other characters besides Henry who have transformed.
  • In the movie, it is revealed she was the first person to win 2Cool4School.
  • She transforms into the Maths Monster in Horrid Henry and the Injection in Henry's imagination.
  • In Horrid Henry's Movie Moments, it's revealed that she has a twin sister.
    • Though already known, she reveals that Miss Battle-Axe's name to be Boudicca, implying that her childhood nickname was Battle-Axe Boudicca.
  • She is the deputy headmistress at Ashton Primary School, as revealed in Horrid Henry, Horrid Headmaster.
  • It is almost certain that Miss Battle-Axe and Mr Soggington are madly in love with each other. It is also possible that Mr Soggington and Miss Battle-Axe are secretly dating, but cannot reveal it as they are co-workers.
  • Miss Battle-Axe is also seen to be an abusive teacher as she pulled Brian's ear in Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes in front of everyone including Miss Oddbod in which she should have stopped Miss Battle-Axe from doing that as it's illegal because he is not her child. Miss Battle-Axe was also seen pulling Ralph and Graham's ears in Perfect Peter's Revenge which is illegal to pull students ears.


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