Miss Boudicca Battle-Axe is Horrid Henry’s teacher. She‘s very strict and she teaches the older students. She always keeps an eye on Henry as he's always horrid. She once said that Henry's class was the worst she had ever taught. Miss Battle-Axe appears to be Scottish. In very few episodes, her mother, Mrs. Battle-Axe, has appeared, who seems to discipline her daughter greatly. Miss Battle-Axe dislikes the class she teaches and likes giving detention. Even though she doesn’t teach every student in the school she has gave Perfect Peter a detention once and made Tidy Ted attend a detention club which he was estatic about. Several episodes also hint at her possible romantic relationship with Soggy Sid, the school's gym instructor.

In a few episodes she does seem to be proud of Henry. On Horrid Henry Trapped! she was proud of him and called him a hero for saving his younger brother (Perfect Peter).


  • In the movie, it is revealed she was the first person to win 2C4S.

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