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Boudicca Battle-Axe (aka Miss Battle-Axe) is Horrid Henry's teacher. She is very strict and once said that Henry's class was the worst class she had ever taught.


Physical appearance

Miss Battle-Axe appears to have pale skin, black-grey hair, rosy cheeks, a rosy-pointy nose, and roundy glasses.


She wears a grey jacket, a white blouse, and a grey skirt.


She tends to be quite strict, and mean.


  • Her first name is Boudicca, as revealed in Horrid Henry's School Project.
  • It was revealed in Horrid Henry and the Zoom of Doom that she is afraid of Roller Coasters.
  • It is revealed in Horrid Henry Changes History that Miss Battle-Axe has been teaching at Henry’s school for 35 years, hinting she is quite old.